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Black history month is in February, the shortest month of the year, and the coldest, just in case we want to have a parade. I'm black so it's always black history month. It just always is. It's not like, hey I know we've been ignoring black people for the last 11 months,. But this month's we're gonna black it up. I was born to 65 in South Carolina. You would not be mixed up with white baby. You got the bad milk or the bad Similac or whatever. If they had air conditions you didn't have like, you had lesser. [MUSIC] Things from the time you were born. Forget babies. Shoe stores wouldn't let black people try on shoes. You couldn't try on anything, 'cuz white people didn't want to know that black skin had touched anything. The black people couldn't go to the dentist, they had to go to the vet. Whatever was in your mouth was on a dog, or, you know. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Whatever. Or a horse or whatever. You know, my daughter, Zara, was learning about the Revolutionary War. And I was, like, have they taught you about Crispus Attucks yet? And they hadn't. So I got the chance to tell her that Crispus Attucks was the first man shot and killed in the Revolutionary War, and he happened to be a black man. She was like, okay, you know, and she went back to her iPad. But I told her that, you know what I mean? So I gave her that. You know, somebody told her that Babe Ruth was the greatest player of all time. I was like, hey babe, Babe Ruth didn't play against any black guys, okay? So he was the greatest white guy that played against nothing but white guys of all time.

Chris Rock on Black History Month

The comedian on why they’ll be no parades in February and how things have changed in his lifetime.