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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Cori Murray, Entertainment Director at Essence Magazine, and I'm here at the October 2014 cover shoot, and our subjects, Alfre Woodard, Danai Gurira, Laverne Cox, and Nicole Bihari. Along with your roles. When this TV season starts in the Fall we're gonna have Viola Davis in the lead, Tray Sale as Ross. Octavius. Octavius Bensarey of [INAUDIBLE] Society, C. C. H. Pounder, Regina Taylor. Carey. Carey Washington's coming back. Like this is a. Haley Barry. I know there's one more person I'm totally missing. Tyler Perry has cast like three black leads in his [INAUDIBLE] Being Mary Jane. This is a moment, and the record number of black women, well black folks that got nominated for Emmys yesterday, including [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] What does it mean to be a part, like you guys are a part of this groundbreaking moment in television. What does that all mean to you? Hm, well, well for me, being on a show like Orange Is the New Black. That not only has a really diverse group of women- Mm-hm. Characters. But also is really interested in telling human stories about these women. Feels revolutionary I was talking to one of my [INAUDIBLE] and I was like this is a time period with stories like the people, like ourselves that we wanna tell. And you right too. [CROSSTALK] Feeling with my, my writing in television it's like you know, this is an age where this. We want to be able to put forward in a sense, or have interest in it five years ago. Right now, there's something about the moment that actually is [INAUDIBLE] The people that have traditionally made the decisions, made the decisions in a tower on the coast. They don't even go across town in LA. They have no idea. What America wants to see, cuz they have no idea who America is. Yes. And America is all of us that show up, like you tilt up the world and all rolls down into Hollywood to try to be in the movies. But then they want everybody to change their, their eth, ethnicity, the look they have to get to this sort of homogenous. Look that nobody is born that way to tell a story. But Nicole, I want to hear you talk. I want you to say something about. About what? The downer. About this [CROSSTALK]. I'm on a network show, and I feel like it is groundbreaking. Kurt Washington's on the show, like network shows. And the big point was what you said about the demographic idea. I recently went to ComicCon in London. I was invited without the white male counterpart in my cast. And it was packed. Oh wow. And they knew it was just gonna be me. So that, that shook me. Like I, I went back to the green room and I was like I've always been told and I believed that this doesn't work. Without him. [CROSSTALK] I've been traveling the country and Canada and, and filling [UNKNOWN], filling auditoriums with just me. A black transgender woman. Yeah. From Mobile, Alabama, so it's, it's, it's deep. Yeah. We, we are, we are enough. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] about it. [MUSIC]

Behind The Cover: October ESSENCE Issue

Alfre Woodard, Laverne Cox, Nicole Beharie and Danai Gurira sit down to discuss  this what it means to be part of this groundbreaking moment on television for black actresses.