Sherri Shepherd says you don't have to be afraid of wearing a wig, be bold!Hi everybody, I am Sherri Shepherd and I am brand ambassador for LuxHair Now wigs and extensions. Now I love wearing wigs. This is a wig right now and hopefully you can't tell cuz I know you can't tell because it's a wig. But I wanted to share with you five thing that I have learned from wearing wigs. Number one, I love bonding over wigs. My grandmother used to wear every type of wig when I was a little girl. She had a church lady wig, she'd have for I'm gonna catch the holy ghost wig, and she have to pin it on just so, so when she got the holy ghost, the wig didn't come off in the middle of the church aisle. And my mother used to wear wig, she had a big Angela Davies power to the people wig, big Afro, she had pit in the back of her wig. As a little girl, I would always sit in awe, and watch all of the women in my family put on wigs. So it was an incredibly bonding experience. So I say, go out and bond with your girlfriends. Go wig shopping. Go, go put your face on and, and just have fun. Make it a girl's night out, or a wig's night out. Number two, you have to own the wig. I know sometimes it feels really weird when you put a wig on for the first time, because you think, everybody looking at me. I say put the wig on, on a Friday, walk around with it all weekend. Clean the toilets with the wig. Do the dishes. Take your kids to soccer practice with the wig. By the time you put that wig on on Monday when you go to work and your boss is looking at you, you can look at them and go I know you want some of this. Number three, take a risk. Come out of 1B land and 33. Come one y'all, stay out of the browns and the blacks. Take a risk and try something that you've never tried before. What I love about wigs, is I have so many wigs. My husband sleeps with a different woman every single night. Number four, you have to protect your wig. What I do with my wig, is I take it, I wash it in Woolite. I put a little wig conditioner on it. Swish it around, and I don't have a big fancy wig head, so I take pants hangers and I put the wig on the pants hanger and I hang it up, upside down to dry. Now it scares my nine-year-old son Jeffery, freaks him out, but that's okay the wig looks amazing. Number five, even though you wear a wig and it gives you an entirely different look, you still have to take care of the hair underneath the wig. You have to keep it washed, you have to keep it conditioned, and you have to trim your ends every six to eight weeks to keep it bouncy, to keep it manageable, to keep it healthy, then you twist it up, put it up and you put that wig on there.
Jul, 28, 2014

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