Torrei Hart’s New Natural Hair Care Line Is A Self-Love Gift to Her Daughter
Shannon Laurine
Torrei Hart is more than Kevin Hart’s ex-wife. The natural beauty is also an actress, producer, mom and now, a beauty entrepreneur. She’s partnered with Nzuri to create the brand new natural hair care line, Heavenly Hart by Nzuri, and it’s inspired by her daughter Heaven. Torrei worked closely with Nzuri CEO and co-founder, hair loss specialist and chief trichologist Leola Anifowoshe to create products for both hair loss and hair growth. Heavenly Hart hair products are nutrient-packed with proprietary vitamin blends and natural ingredients such as saw palmetto extract and biotin for hair loss and hair growth concerns, in addition to pumpkin seed oil, coconut oil, yucca root extract and silk amino acids. Torrei’s natural beauty mission is to empower women to find our power and love ourselves. Check out her beauty mantras (in her own words) below: 1. My daughter is my muse. My new haircare line Heavenly Hart was inspired by and named after my daughter. Heaven is her first name, her middle name is Leigh and then, of course, Hart. So, it actually came from her. With me being a mom and having a daughter, who’s not only a Black daughter but she’s a chocolate girl, too. I want her to feel empowered and have that sense of, “This is who God made me. I am beautiful no matter what.”

Shannon Laurine

And she loves her twists! She’s very confident. I instilled that in her in a young age and it’s still with her at 12 years old. That was really my main mission. My main goal was to inspire women and let them know, “It’s okay to be you. It’s all how you rock being you.” I think once Heaven sees the magnitude of the Heavenly Hart line, it’s going to hit her.

Shannon Laurine

I don’t think it’s hit her yet because I told her, “This is a legacy for you. I’m creating this for you. This is inspired by you, honey.” It’s just like this has all been in the making now since she was born. My son, he’s already like, “Well, mom, what about me? What’s going to be my product?” He’s a little business man so he’s sitting around trying to come up with ideas. And I’m like, “Honey, let’s think about that. We’re going to get to you, too.”
2. Natural hair is sexy. Since I’ve had my locs, I’ve always wanted to get into natural hair care. I think it’s very good that Black women see you can still be beautiful, you can still be sexy with your natural hair. Because sometimes, people get it twisted, thinking, “She’s gone natural so, you can’t still be sexy.” I wanted to show that that’s not true. I have locs and I feel more sexy with locs because I feel like, “Hey, if I’m at a pool party, now I can get in the water and not feel some type of way.” I can dip my hair in and not feel like, “Oh, gosh. How do I look after I get out of the water?” That in itself gives me confidence. That makes me feel sexy.

Shannon Laurine

I can take a shower with my guy and not be like, “Let me put the shower cap on.” I feel exotic. I feel empowered. This is my texture. It’s what God gave me. I’m not trying to sport somebody else and be something I’m not. It just really has been an empowering journey for me. I feel so much more… I feel the most confident I ever have out of any hairstyles I’ve ever have had. 3. Beautiful hair starts with healthy, natural ingredients and products. Let me tell you why this hair care line is so special. First of all, we don’t have any parabens. We don’t have any mineral oil. We don’t have any sodium lauryl sulfate, we’re 90% gluten free and we’re also cruelty free. No animals were hurt, no animal testing, none of that and we’re also vegan. That’s a big deal right there. All of my Heavenly Hart by Nzuri products were made without phthalates, and absolutely no plastics, silicone, acrylics or petroleum. My products are also alcohol-free and wax-free. I am partners with Nzuri. Their products are time-tested. If you’ve ever used an Nzuri product, you definitely will know. These are very, very, very good products; hands-down, one of the best out there in the natural hair care world. 4. Have a range of products for every challenge. We launched last week with seven products! There’s the Heavenly Hydrating Vitamin Shampoo and also the Conditioner. There’s the 12 in 1 Leave In Conditioner and Detangler, and the hydration cream, Heavenly Hart Moisture 4 Days™ Moisturizing Cream.

Then there’s the Coconutty 4 in 1 Curl Explosion Soufflé. And there’s also a Medicated Scalp Therapy & Hair Growth Fertilizer and Crazy Hair Growth Serum. We have solutions for common problems we face, including: dry hair, slow hair growth, scalp disorders such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, folliculitis and more, hair loss – due to medications and improper styling tools and harsh chemical over processing, maintaining healthy hair while in protective styles such as braids, wigs and weaves and maintaining beautiful hair styles while natural.

5. Love yourself. Life is a journey. Just enjoy every moment of it as much as you can. Of course, you know you’re going to hit hard times and that’s growth, that’s where we grow the most. But hang in there and just stay motivated. Keep going. Follow all your dreams no matter what. Just keep doing it because you never know what age you’re going to come into who you’re supposed to be. But you can’t quit. Because if you quit, you’ll never know. Just keep going no matter what you go through. Shop the Heavenly Hart natural hair care line at and be sure to keep up with Torrei on Instagram!  Lifestyle guru Abiola Abrams (@abiolaTV)  is the author of “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” and creator of the “African Goddess Affirmation Cards.” Download “Chakras on Fleek,” her latest meditation album, free, with the coupon code “LIFELOVESME” at  


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