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[SOUND] Hey guys, it's Gia Peppers here backstage at the Essence Style block party, and we have the beautiful Gabrielle Union here. How are you doing today? Amazing, happy to be in Brooklyn. This bob is giving me life honey, it looks amazing. And there's the man that did it, Larry, Larry Sims. [INAUDIBLE] So you have this beautiful fashion style, we love your style. Who is your style inspiration?>> Oh god,it changes every day. Some days it's Beyonce. Some days it's Ciara. Some days it's Jamie Chung. Some days it's Olivia Palermo. And some times it's the people closest to me. It changes. Any where. Yeah walking around here. I'm pilfering. Yeah. Getting little inspirations. So you just celebrated your one year anniversary. Congratulations. We love you guys, you and Dwayne. Do you guys style each other when you go out. Never. Never. On occasion it will be like, what do you think? And I'm like Interesting. [LAUGH] But, no, we don't have veto power. And I definitely don't dress him. I wish I could take the credit or not. But, no, his stylist is an amazing black woman named Kelly Anne Barnett and she's dope. But, that's their world. I just wave from the sidelines. Yeah. Being Mary Jane, we are all wanting to see it. How much has the character influenced your own style? It's a little buttoned up for you. Yeah, she has a regular day job that she's gotta be delivering the news in a way that's not distracting from the information. So she's definitely a fashionista, but it's dramatically different than my own personal style. All of Mary Jane's clothes stay in Mary Jane's closet in Atlanta. There have been a couple purses that have made it back to Miami though. Yes, and then the last question I wanted to ask you, can you describe the essence of your personal style, Gabrielle Union's personal style. Oh, the essence of my personal style. Evolving. Evolving and It's all about freedom. You know what I mean? The second I kinda fall into too many trends or worried about the judgement or, I want to please this group people, I'm trying to please this group of people, it doesn't feel free. It feels like I just put myself In a prison. So, I evolve. It ebbs, it flows. I get it right, I get it wrong, but by whose estimation? As long as I feel good and look good, I'm doing all right, yeah. [NOISE]

Gabrielle Union Has Mastered The Flawless Makeup-Free Selfie: Steal Her 5 Clock-Stopping Tricks

Gabrielle Union Has Mastered The Flawless Makeup-Free Selfie: Steal Her 5 Clock-Stopping Tricks


Every time we see a photo of Gabrielle Union, we find ourselves wondering anew how she seems to have pretty much stopped aging circa 1998. Whether she’s working out, filming a movie or stepping out on a red carpet, it’s impossible to miss the fact that she’s figured out an incredible regimen to maintain her smooth, glowing, astoundingly youthful skin – as well as the fact that she’s proud to show it off without a stitch of makeup.

And though we know the 44-year-old star has plenty of tips for keeping her skin in tip-top shape (some easy, like sunscreen and water, and some tougher, like going air conditioning-free in Miami), she’s also no stranger to a well-thought-out selfie to show off her makeup-free face to its best advantage. Follow her five genius rules for the best possible #wokeuplikethis selfie.

1. Embrace clean skin

Union loves to show off skin that’s been freshly-scrubbed. Case in point: the Instagram photo above. “Well hello freckles, it’s been a minute ️,” she writes.

2. Take advantage of “Golden Hour”

Any celebrity worth her Instagram handle knows that the best time of day for any shot is the 60 minutes pre-sunset, when natural light is at its rosiest and most flattering.

3. Actually, take advantage of all natural light

Using midday sun as a natural highlighter also is a pretty spectacular glow-enhancer.

4. Hydrate your skin — and your body

Me and this Chicago weather 😐💁🏾☃️❄️

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“My mom preached water, because it was more economical than soda or juice,” she told People a few years back, adding that she tries to avoid air conditioning, which dries out the skin, whenever she can.

5. Relax!

“My best anti-aging tip is the ability to say no, no and hell no,” she told Women’s Health earlier this year. “We run ourselves ragged saying yes to every freaking thing, whether it’s to our family, spouses or careers. I sleep eight hours a day and don’t let myself stress out. A lot of people call it selfish, but I don’t have any wrinkles.”

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.