Woke Art Installations From Rock The Vote's #TruthTopower

To engage and mobilize young people in the 2016 election, Rock the Vote is hosting a large-scale pop-up art exhibition series from July 25-27 at 990 Spring Garden in Philadelphia, PA. Presented by Rock The Vote in partnership with #Cut50 and other national and community partners, The Truth to Power exhibition and event space is designed to elevate and illuminate the most pressing issues facing young people in the United States today — from ending mass incarceration and stopping police violence to providing jobs and fair pay to protecting reproductive freedom. Check out some of the standout pieces!

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 25, 2016

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"Identity Crisis" by Michael Murphy

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"...and counting" by gilf!

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"Young Lives Matter" by Yolanda Guerra

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"Debt" by FK Productions

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"Champ" by Zoë Buckman

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"Destroy Patriarchy" by ishknits

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"We Are All Homeless" by Willie Baronet


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# Culture