Bromance! 40 Pictures That Prove President Obama And Joe Biden Are #SquadGoals

We just want someone to look at us the way Biden looks at Obama.

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These two always have each others backs.

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Isn't this the most down-to-earth President/Vice President duo ever?

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We wonder what (or who) they're laughing at?

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Inside joke. We wouldn't get it.

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"Ain't that right, Joe?!"

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"Tell that joke again, Obama!"

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These two have no concept of personal space.

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"Shhhh, be quiet Barack, we're supposed to be paying attention."

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Friendship goals. For the 'gram.

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What's a bromance if we can't catch a game together?

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The Dynamic Duo.

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Can't keep a straight face.

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"Ay, Barack, look over there...not too fast!"

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Obama and Biden. Always holding it down.

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Bro's for life.

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"Wait. Did you tell Michelle I ate that burger?"

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Friends forever.


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