Blac Chyna and Her Son King Cairo are Seriously Besties

The E! reality star will be welcoming a new baby soon but her first born is truly the little man who has her heart. 

Lauren Porter Aug, 31, 2016

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Blac Chyna will always hold her baby boy near and dear!

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This little cutie pie will never get too much of his mama's love!

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Chyna may be more than happy to change her look but she always makes sure her son has a smile on his face. 

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Little King Cairo will always know he has his mother's shoulder to lean on. 

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We wonder if King dreams of being a firefighter when he grows up?!

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Chyna and then boyfriend rapper, Tyga, welcomed King Cairo in October 2012 and ever since then he has been the apple of his mama's eye.

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Sticking out your tongue with mommy is always a good idea!

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Chyna calls King her best friend and we can see why!

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Blac Chyna is completely smitten with her little boy and we can't blame her!

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There is never a dull moment between these two--they're always having a grand old time!

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Chyna can't help but have a smile on her face when this little one is around!

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These two are definitely two peas in a pod everywhere they go!

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Days spent in the park make everything better!

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Even with a treat in hand, King would never pass up a photo with his favorite lady!


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