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What Black Men Really Want, Part II

“I like lacy lingerie. Sweatpants don’t cut it.”
—Donald W., 49, account executive, West New York, N.J.

“Using both hands during a hand-job. When a woman holds the base real stiff and uses the other hand to work the tip of the penis, that’s double stimulation!”
—Andre W., 40, accountant, Los Angeles

“Sex toys can be fun, but too much equipment is a turnoff!”
—Daemond A., 32, youth counselor, Seattle

“I like when a woman licks my ear and my nipples. That really gets me aroused.”
—Irving C., 25, warehouse, New Orleans

“A 69 is great! You get to really dig into the smells, tastes and sounds of sex. And it gives you the opportunity to give as good as you’re getting it.”
—Frank W., 41, medical support assistant, Marino Valley, Calif.

“Anal stimulation. I love it! Playing with that area enhances the sensation and really drives home my orgasm.”
—Kalvin S., 41, banker, Dallas