Real Quick, Ben Carson: A Short Explainer On Why Slaves Were Not Immigrants

ESSENCE.COM Mar, 08, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] it's becoming harder and harder to believe that Ben Carson was ever a famous neurosurgeon at one point. Why? Because he's the dumbest, smartest person in the world. The man who was intelligent enough to operate on brains Doesn't seem to quite have his intact. Not only is his life the literal plot of Get Out, but Donald Trump's black BFF believes that slaves were immigrants. And although he tried to back pedal by admitting that the slave narrative is totally different from the immigrant narrative, he got dragged and rightfully so. I know I retweeted a few things. Real quick Ben Carson, one there is no such thing as an involuntary immigrant. Our ancestors were taken against their will. Two, slaves didn't come here and quote For less, they were forced to work for nothing at all. And three, for slaves, America wasn't the land of opportunity. It's the place where they were separated from their families, whipped, raped, starved, and beaten to death. So real quick, Ben Carson, just shut up. And in my [UNKNOWN] voice, forever. [BLANK_AUDIO]