23 Times LeBron James and His Wife Savannah Were the Perfect Pair

Lauren Porter Aug, 23, 2016

LeBron James is certainly the king of the basketball court but the four time NBA MVP would certainly be nothing without his high school sweetheart and wife Savannah. Here are 23 times Mr. and Mrs. James were the perfect pair in love and basketball. 

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LeBron and Savannah have been together since high school and it's evident that there is nothing but love between these two.

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Mr. and Mrs. James certainly coordinate and compliment each other in the best way possible.

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For their second anniversary, Savannah posted this photo of she and LeBron from their wedding day! The feels!

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A green jacket for him + a fire red lip for her = PERFECTION!

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We don't know what looks better these two or the gorgeous backdrop?!

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Following their 2013 nuptials, LeBron and Savannah embarked on a killer honeymoon in Rome.

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The married couple loves to travel. Whether with some of their famous friends or just on their own, they never fail but to soak up the sun in all that they do.

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The James sure know how to vaca in style!

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Even while enjoying a night out, these two are all about each other!

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Even when they aren't trying, the James' come to slay!

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The parents to 3 sneak away some time for dinner dates just the two of them and it's certainly well deserved!

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We're sure LeBron prefers no other person ride beside him through life than his wife!

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Wine nights with the one you love? Sign these two up!

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These two aren't afraid to get a workout in together. Who better to hit the gym with than with the one you love anyway?!

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Can we talk about the way these two look when they hit the scene?!

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The way these two love!

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While living in Miami, LeBron supported Savannah as she opened "The Juice Spot" in 2013. The location as since closed since the family relocated back to their hometown of Cleveland.

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We're loving Savannah's date night look and we're sure LeBron does too!

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These two rung in the new year snuggled up with each other. What could be better?!

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Savannah will always be LeBron's biggest fan and cheerleader and he will always be grateful for it!

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Get you a boo that can serve face like these two do. #MajorKey

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These two kicked it in the arcade and it's pretty clearly have LeBron won the game but Savannah won his heart!

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These two know how to show up and show out!