Bridal Bliss: Mobolaji and Olufunmi's Stunning Wedding Photos Will Make Your Day

From greats friends to even better lovers, Mobolaji and Olufunmi's love story is oh so sweet and their journey to forever kicked off with an unforgettably gorgeous wedding affair. See their fiercely beautiful photos.

Lauren Porter Sep, 14, 2016

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Bride: Mobolaji Adeola, 27, Pharmacist
Groom: Olufunmi Ogundeyin, 32, Photographer
The Big Day: March 25, 2016
Location: Bella Collina, Monteverde FL
Style: Classic Romance 

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“It was everything and so much more getting married to the man of my dreams,” said the bride of her big day feeling. 

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"I was filled joy and excitement," said the groom on his feelings before tying the knot. 

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How gorgeous is Mobolaji's wedding dress! 

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"Right from the day I met him, I loved his person," said Mobolaji of Olufunmi. "We are both rooted in Christ, complement one another beautifully and strive to build each other up everyday."

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Olufunmi calls his bride simply amazing. "She's my dream come true!"

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"My tall handsome chocolate man is kind, funny, sincere, goofy, considerate, hardworking, passionate and a bag of chips," said the bride of her groom. "I admire his faith, leadership and how deeply he cares."

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"I had a sense of peace about her," said Olufunmi. "I always prayed for an independent, strong and God fearing woman. She blew my mind."

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Before starting on his journey to forever with his bride, Olufunmi looks more than ready for his forever. 

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"I had faith that I would find true love at the right time and was willing to wait patiently," said the bride on knowing she would find the one. 

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"I trusted that God would give me the woman of my dreams," said the groom. "He blew my mind and gave me more than I could ever imagine."

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"She was everything I ever wanted in a woman and more from her personality, to her hunger for Christ and her amazing organizational skills," said Olufunmi as he described what he loves about his wife. 

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Olufunmi and one of his groomsmen share in a little fun before the true party begins!

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Mobolaji's bridesmaids give her a hand with her gorgeous dress as she prepares to surprise her groom!

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Olufunmi waits paitently to see his bride for the first time!

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These two just couldn't wait to lock eyes filled with love on their big day.

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You can tell that Mobolaji certainly took Olufunmi's breath away!

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"I knew Bolaji was the one after a few dates," said Olufunmi. "We hung out a few times but it took a few months before she gave me the light of day. She did give me a run for my money but I was persistent in my quest to get my life partner."


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The bride had her first love, her father, walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. 

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While at the altar, the bride and groom couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the thought of starting their journey to forever together. There was nothing but love and excitement in their eyes. 

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How beautiful!

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Mobolaji and Olufunmi keep God at the head of their relationship to guide their lifelong union in love and happiness. 


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Olufunmi definitely kissed his bride! 

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The love that these two share is evident in every passing glance!

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Throughout their marital walk, Mobolaji and Olufunmi will always be arm-in-arm in weathering life's ups and downs. 

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Neither the bride or the groom cried on their big day, they were too busy being wrapped up in each other's love!

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Mobolaji and Olufunmi were both breathtaking on their big day! 


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Mobolaji looked so regal on her wedding day. Simply beautiful!

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Mobolaji felt in her spirit that Olufunmi was the one for whom her soul belonged. "There were still some unknowns but I was confident that this was the man I wanted to share my life with," she said. 

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"I couldn’t contain it and was just so grateful that God had counted me worthy to be blessed with such a special man," said the bride of her groom. 

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How gorgeous are the parents of the bride on her glorious day!

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Mobolaji had her sisters and some of her closest friends by her side as she tied the knot. 

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Olufunmi and all his groomsmen look awfully dapper!

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Everyone clearly came to slay on the big day!

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Olufunmi had two very special ladies on his arm on his wedding day--his mom and his bride!

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Mobolaji shared in the big day with her sisters by her side. 

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Looking good fellas!

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The bride and her dad shared a sweet moment on the dance floor. 

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The moment Olufunmi met Mobolaji he knew there was something special about her. They met as he was shooting her friend's wedding and from the second their eyes met, he was sure she would capture his heart. 

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The newlyweds are both Nigerian and incorporated traditional elements of their cultural practices into their nuptials. 

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The bride and groom shared their first dance to "Beautiful" by Mali Music.

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Mobolaji wanted a simple, elegant and fun wedding to celebrate her marriage to Olufunmi. It looks like the big day was just that!

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The timeless elegant ambiance of the reception space complemented the bride and groom oh so well!

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Sweet details helped make Mobolaji and Olufunmi's nuptials special.


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This cake looks almost too good to eat! 

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We're sure Mobolaji and Olufunmi's 180 guests didn't mind these two sneaking in a few kisses during their reception!


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Mobolaji and Olufunmi's wedding cake definitely fit into their classic romance theme. It really was the icing on the cake!


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Mobolaji shared such a heartwarming moment with her dad on her big day!

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Olufunmi has a way of sweeping Mobolaji off her feet but keeping her safe in his love at all times!



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Here's to the happy couple and their lifelong bliss!


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