11 Wedding Splurges That Could Make Or Break Your Big Day

We break down the five wedding details worth the money and five money saving details to skip.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 03, 2016

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We break down the five wedding details worth the money and five money saving details to skip.


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The bride is the real star on her wedding day, and no leading lady should be photographed in anything other than a scene-stealing dress. If your money is funny, purchase your dream dress first.

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Welcome to the digital age. Save thousands by nixing the idea of traditional paper invitations and go digital all the way. Sites like Paperless Post make modern (and affordable) digital wedding invites in seconds.

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From the veil to the stilettos, a brides’ wedding day outfit will be one she will cherish forever. Make this spend count!

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While couples are often tempted to spend thousands of dollars on a classic vintage car or fireworks display for their grand exit, the truth is, this is a perfect place to save room in a wedding budget. A lot of guests leave early and miss the gesture and the couple’s real grand finale is the honeymoon. Skip it or choose a more affordable option and save thousands.

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Long after the wedding is over, your photos will be around to enjoy and share with friendly and family. You don’t want to have any regrets in this department – especially if you can’t wait to share them. (Hello Instabrides!) A great wedding photographer is going to cost you, but we promise, the photos will be worth every penny.


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In every bridal portrait, her bouquet is her best accessory. While having wall-to-wall flowers can cost you thousands, you’ll save just as much keeping the focus on the floral moments that count—the bouquets and ceremony altar—and sticking to elegant candles everywhere else.

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Unlike the table settings and the flowers, which are only pretty for a moment, the wedding bands are a lifelong symbol of commitment between the bride and the groom—and that’s something worth spending on.

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In lieu of an open bar throughout the entire reception, where guests can really rack up the tab, go for a signature cocktail that’s served all evening, or stick to wine and champagne.

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After the magic of the ceremony, it’s time for the newlyweds to celebrate with their closest family and friends. A great party requires great entertainment for all. Whether your tastes require a live band, a deejay or a soloist, what counts is that you keep the crowd on their feet.

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Large, decorated wedding cakes that serve hundreds of people can cost thousands, especially with specialty flavors. Switch it up with more cost-efficient dessert options like cupcakes, cookies or a candy bar. Another great trick: Buy sheet cake to serve guests and display a faux cake on your reception table.

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So often, newlywed forego a fantastic honeymoon in favor of grand, over-the-top “I dos.” That’s the opposite of what matters most. Have the ceremony and reception your budget allows in order to leave room in for the romantic vacation of a lifetime to celebrate the milestone moment.

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If the bride and groom are willing to cut their guest list in half, it will instantly make room in their budget for alternative (and more cost effective) wedding venue ideas – like a mansion grounds or a cozy and elegant backyard. Sometimes these venues only charge to rent the space and don’t attach a per person cost based on your guest count.



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