Congratulations are in order for actor Romany Malco, who recently shared on social media that he has become a first-time father at age 52.

In a detailed Instagram post, the Think Like A Man actor reveals the reason he had been absent from social media – he recently welcomed a son named Brave born on Jan. 22nd. Malco describes the emotions he felt while witnessing his son’s mother give birth and how it shaped his view of her.

“After witnessing the entire birthing process, I felt a deeper love for my life partner,” says Malco. “She loves it when I call her my queen. I find it more amusing to call her my baby momma. But the love I feel for her now is heightened, something new that I can’t yet describe.”

Malco also expounds on his decision to become a parent later in life while crediting his stepchildren for preparing him for this step. “Based on my upbringing and psychological disposition, waiting to have a child later in life feels right. I’m already a stepdad of two. Our 11 year old and 17-year-old have done an incredible job of preparing me for this moment. They have taught me unconditional love and they’ve rallied for Brave in unexpected ways. Now, seeing my genes expressed in this little man is fascinating to observe.”

The actor concludes his post, saying he’s devoted to “present, responsible, nurturing, receptive, patient observant, supportive, honest and loving” as a father.

Congratulations for Malco and his family poured into the comments section from fellow actors like Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, Jodie Turner-Smith, comedian Deon Cole and Malco’s Tijuana Jackson co-star Tami Roman.


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