Bridal Bliss: 'Tough Love' Web Series Creators Caleb And Roni's Amazing All-White Wedding

Take a look at college sweethearts Caleb and Roni's beautiful destination wedding style.

Lauren Porter Aug, 30, 2017

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Bride: Roni Simpson, 28, Emmy-Nominated Producer and Writer
Groom: Caleb Davis, 29, Emmy-Nominated Producer and Director
The Big Day: 6/16/17
Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Style/Theme: All-White Beach Wedding

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"Being a bride was more than I could ever hope for or dream of," said Roni. "I really felt like Beyonce for a day. It’s just this huge outpouring of love that you receive from everyone around you. All of our guests made sure to remind me that this moment was about us and nothing else. I lost count of how many people told me I looked beautiful, or that the wedding was perfectly planned, or that they were honored to be part of our day. To see my bridesmaids and family members putting in overtime to make sure that I was happy, kept me in a state of pure bliss. To look around at all of the people who spent their time and money to fly out and witness our union, left me in total awe. To continuously look over at my groom, and see that he was just as happy as I was, made me feel more in love than ever. There were things that didn’t work out completely as planned, but nothing mattered at that moment, but the love that was in the air."

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"When I found The One, I realized it was a lot more than I had planned to pay," said the bride of her wedding dress. "After sending out pictures of my top 10 choices to my closest friends and family, everyone voted for this one. I knew it was the one I liked most too, but I didn’t want to pay that price. I eventually just gave in and bought it. I simply couldn’t walk away."

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"After the wedding ceremony I felt like a new man," said Caleb. "It was not something I had dreamed of, but somehow it felt like a dream come true."

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"My great Uncle Bommer walked me down the aisle," said the bride. "I don’t have a close relationship with my father, and he couldn’t make it to the wedding, so my uncle gladly stepped in."

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"The man I married is perfectly imperfect," said the bride of her groom. "He’s God-fearing, educated, hard-working, driven, funny, supportive and loving. I’m not always the easiest person to love, but he’s patient with me. He listens when I speak, and I speak often. He encourages me to be great, but doesn’t try to change who I am. He loves to just spend time enjoying life - whether that means riding bikes together in the park, taking a flight somewhere overseas, or simply binge watching a new show. He’s what I often call a Renaissance man. He can cook up a delicious meal, fix something around the house, give me a back massage, and work on his passion project - all in one day. He has his flaws, like any human, but what I really love is how he actively works on self-improvement. He’s constantly trying to become a better person, and I look forward to helping him on this journey."

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"As I stared into the windows of her soul, a fire ignited inside of me," said the groom of being at the altar with his bride. "The warmth of the flame filled my entire body, and it still burns until this day. I am truly grateful to God for granting us that moment to recognize the love we share between us and Him."

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"After we read our vows, we had a sand ceremony uniting us as one under the Lord."

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"Caleb and I were invited by one of our long time friends to a wedding in Bordeaux, France," recalled the bride of she and groom's proposal story. "We decided that if we were going to go, we would definitely visit a few other places in Europe. We always wanted to go to Venice, Italy so we stopped there first. It was one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. The food, the gondola rides, the wine, the museums - everything was amazing!! We then decided to stop in Paris for a day right before heading to Bordeaux for the wedding. Once we arrived in Paris and checked into our hotel room, we headed over to the Eiffel Tower. Caleb then surprised me with a photographer who he hired to take photos of us there. I thought this was random, but Caleb is quite the romantic so this type of thing isn’t super unusual for him. This was also where we spent our one year anniversary, so I figured he just wanted to capture our return. The photographer began taking the photos. After taking tons of pics, Caleb told me to give a shoutout to my Instagram page @BlackLoveExists, which I created to highlight romantic moments between Black couples. When I began doing so, Caleb threw off his hat, pulled out the ring and got down on one knee."

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"I don’t think there was a specific moment when I realized Caleb was the one," said Roni. "I just realized over time that not only does this man help me to become the best version of myself, but he’s the true definition of a life partner who is here to build with me. We all know this world can be incredibly harsh and people can be cruel at times, but Caleb has become my safe place throughout it all. He’s one of the blessings God has given me to remind me of how real He is. I know that through the good and the bad, I can always count on him for a laugh, an embrace, an encouraging word, a sweet kiss, or a much needed reality check."

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"I chose to make Roni my wife because I admire her strength as a person," said Caleb of his bride. "I also love the relationship she has with our heavenly Father and the respect she receives from her family and peers. She has the qualities of a Queen who is ready to bootstrap and take on life with me. We’ve been creating our own story for many years, and I realized it was a story I never wanted to end. Our book of love has had a variety of chapters from romance to mystery, action to comedy, suspense to drama - we’ve covered them all. I know with the love and help of God, we can continue to flow through each chapter while gaining more knowledge of one another, building a greater bond, and strengthening our love. I believe that we are destined to do great things in the world and together we are a force to be reckoned with."

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"I remember the specific moment when I decided Roni was The One I wanted to marry," explained Caleb. "It was one night while I was at home in New York and Roni was visiting her family in Los Angeles. After many attempts, I could not fall asleep. My mind just kept racing and she was all I could think about. I realized that she was the one I wanted to go to sleep and wake up next to for the rest of my life. I couldn’t live without her."

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"I did think I’d find true love, but definitely not when I did," said Roni. "We were young when we met, so I thought Caleb was just a guy to have fun with in college. People would remind me that most college relationships don’t last, so for a long time I thought our relationship was just temporary and convenient. I used to tell myself we’d eventually just start seeing other people, but after a while I realized that I didn’t want anyone else. No one made me feel the way he did. Whenever we did spend time apart, he was all I could think about. I used to lie to myself and deny how deeply in love I was, but there was no running from it. Everyone around us could see it. It was a forever thang."

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"I describe Roni as a God-fearing, family centered woman," said the groom of his wife. "She’s free-spirited, but stays true to her personal values. Anyone who has ever had a conversation with Roni will tell you that she’s a phenomenal listener. She’s also a passionate advocate for racial and social justice in the world. She loves hard and puts her soul into whatever she believes in.

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"In all honesty, I never knew for sure that falling in love and getting married was the plan set out for my life. When I met Roni, I was attracted to her personality and of course, her beauty. After hanging out together several times we decoded one another, and our spirits began to feel really connected. After many years of cultivating our relationship, the love I had for her began to reach new heights. Growing up, many young men are not taught to look forward to their dream wedding and being with someone forever, so those were honestly not my intentions going into our relationship. However, here I am, more than certain that I made the greatest choice in my life by marrying Roni Davis."

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"What I love most about Caleb is his joyous spirit," the bride shared. "He’s a genuinely kind-hearted person who you’ll rarely see with a bad attitude or negative energy. He’s all about positivity and uplifting people. He truly tries to be a beacon of light in the world, and does his best to refrain from criticizing or condemning others. When I point out the flaws in someone, he quickly reminds me that people are just doing the best they can. I can truly see God’s love in him, and it inspires me to be better."

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"The maid-of-honor was my only sister Jasmaign, and the bridesmaids included my best friend Brandi who I met my sophomore year of high school, my two college roommates Feven and TaRasha, and two other close friends from college, Nkem and Fiona."

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"I said yes because I truly believe that we were placed on this earth to be together. I believe in my heart of hearts that this was a plan designed by God. This was in no way, shape or form - a coincidence. Since we began dating, Caleb and I have been creating together. We created a news program on campus together, we created a short film while studying abroad together, we created a documentary together, we created our digital series together, we created a new journey in New York together, we created both good and bad memories together, we’ve created failures together, and we’ve created accomplishments together. We now look forward to creating more successful moments together, more stories together, and of course little lives together."

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"The cake was five layers, and was covered in sugar flowers. Our wedding cake was red velvet with cream cheese icing and filling. We both thoroughly enjoy eating red velvet cake when it’s made properly, so we decided this would be the flavor we would select for our big day."