Bridal Bliss: Tapona And Angelia's North Carolina Traditional Wedding Was Simply Sweet

Tapona and Angelia were merely friends on Facebook when one day, a simply message exchange changed everything. After developing a solid friendship, true love found it's way. Take a look at their intimate North Carolina union.

Lauren Porter May, 31, 2017

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Bride: Angelia Denise Harris, 44, Project Specialist
Groom: Tapona Kijafa Champion, 39, Foster Care Director/Radio Host at 101.5 FM
The Big Day: 4/29/2017
Location: Angier, North Carolina
Style/Theme: Traditional
Wedding Planner: Sheree Amour Weddings & Event Planning

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"It is an amazing feeling being a bride," said Angelia. "It was more than I could have ever dreamed of."

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What does the bride love most about her groom? "His smile, it will light up a room."

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"I was being selective about my dress," the bride shared. "Initially, I wanted anything but satin material. I tried on dresses at a boutique in Maryland but went back to North Carolina, tried on a few dresses and nothing appealed to me. Finally, I traveled back to Maryland and found the dress at the first boutique and it was satin."

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"I was nervous but once I realized I was marrying my best friend it was the best feeling in the world," said Tapona of being a groom.

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We love the brides shoe of choice!

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"The night of my graduation, Tapona and my best friend contacted the restaurant located in Baltimore MD, requested a private room," the bride recalled. "After dinner was served, the waiter brought over a desert box and placed it on the table. My response was 'I’m stuffed no desert for me.' My friend insisted that I open the desert box and in there was a diamond ring. Tapona stood up and spoke these exact words, 'Its fun being around Angie, I love her to death. I can see my future with her, but one thing is I can’t see my future without her.' Tapona then got on one knee and stated 'I have a question I would like to ask you, will you marry me?' I was completely overwhelmed with excitement; my friends, family and I were all in tears. My answer was 'Yes!'"

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Tapona's favorite color is red so it was important that it be incorporated into the wedding color scheme, right down to his socks!

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"She’s positive, giving and loves sports just as much as I do," said the groom of his bride.

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The bride and groom stuck with a traditional theme and even jumped the broom on their wedding day.

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Angelia's father walked her down the aisle and she wouldn't have it any other way!

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The flowers used for the bouquet were roses, calla lily and hydrangeas.  Roses are the bride’s favorite and calla lilys were the groom’s favorite.

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Neither the bride or groom cried on their wedding day, they were too excited to shed tears!

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"No, I didn’t think I’d ever find true love," said the bride. "My focus was advancing my career."

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"He is the most thoughtful and caring person I know," said Angelia of Tapona. "He pays attention to what I need and want."

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"Over time, I began to see how she became an intricate part in helping me to become a better man," said the groom of knowing his bride was the one. "We had so many things in common, such as sports, traveling and shopping. Our friendship developed into a strong everlasting love."

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The bride had nothing but love surrounding her on her wedding day. She and her bridal party enjoyed her bachelorette weekend in Montego Bay, Jamaica. How fun!

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The bride and groom had a candy table for their 102 guests to enjoy and that's always a good idea!

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Tapona and his groomsmen are a good looking group of gentlemen!

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"I chose to make Angie my wife because she motivates me to become a better man," said the groom.

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"Our cake was a three tier black and ivory cake. The décor was simple with flowers and ribbons; the topping was a custom cake topper that said 'Mr. & Mrs. Champion' The flavors were lemon, marble," the bride shared. Yum!

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"I’ll never forget the day I knew Tapona was the one for me," Angelia shared. "One day during work hours, I stepped away from my desk and God spoke to me and said Tapona is going to be my husband, he will treat you exactly like a woman should be treated. My thoughts were, 'oh no that man matches his towels and wash cloths; he is very picky about way to many things for me.' I didn’t think anything of it, but as time progressed I realized how thoughtful and caring he was.  Every day he would call me to see how my day was going, on Friday’s, he would bring me a cupcake to my job and most importantly he always made me laugh."

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We love the traditional and elegant elements of the bride and groom's wedding decor!

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"No, I never thought I would find true love when I did," said the groom. "I didn’t even have a desire to get married but meeting Angelia changed everything."


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