Bridal Bliss: Robert and Jeanette's Modern D.C. Wedding Was Stunning

After meeting at work, it was an annoying date encounter that ensured Robert and Jeannette that their love was meant to be. Their modern wedding in the heart of the Nation's Capital was picture perfect. See their bliss!

Lauren Porter Feb, 22, 2017

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Bride: Jeannette Alexandra Reyes, 27, News Anchor/Reporter

Groom: Robert Andre Burton, 29, Sports Anchor

The Big Day: 8/20/16

Location: Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, D.C.

Style/Theme: Modern

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"I would describe her as breathtakingly beautiful, hilarious, isn't afraid to make fun of herself," said the groom of his new bride. "She’s a busy body. She always wants and strives for more in her personal life and career. She’s God-fearing and is always thinking about how best to take care of her siblings,  mother and husband."

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Jeannette was surrounded by love on her big day and she and girls looked down right fabulous preparing for her walk down the aisle!

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"I love that she has faith in me and is down to support my dreams," said Robert of Jeannette. "I enjoy her sense of humor and goofiness. I like that she values and prioritizes quality time together. I admire her work ethic and the fact that she sacrificed so much to get to where she is."

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"He’s definitely different," said Jeannette of her groom. "He's a hilarious guy who’s obsessed with documentaries on Jesus, Greek Mythology, History and loves a good musical. He sees the best in people and in life. He’s naturally optimistic and doesn’t need much to be content. He loves his family and God. "

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"I knew it was the one because it had just the right amount of sexy and sophistication without being overwhelming," said the bride of her glorious gown.

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"I’ve always admired how selfless and genuine Robert is," said the bride of her groom. "For example, there was a coworker of ours back in Little Rock that didn’t have many friends. He was shy and just the sweetest guy but the couldn’t make friends easily. I watched as Robert, who was one of the 'popular guys,' went out of his way, even postponing some of our dates, to spend time with him and go out and get some drinks."

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Looks like the smallest members of Jeannette's bridal party loved her dress just as much as she did!

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Jeannette opted for gorgeous chandelier earrings to wear on her wedding day and they are just divine!

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Robert hand some help as he prepared to take his trip down the aisle. Looking good, groom! 

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"I love the picture of my mom and me in the hotel room as I finish up getting ready," says the bride recalling one of her favorite photos from her wedding day. 

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"I felt like the luckiest man in the world—seriously," said the groom of his big day emotions. 

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The bride and her bridesmaids were glowing on the big day!

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"The way we met and how we met was not what I had in mind," replied the bride when asked if she thought she would ever find true love. "I got caught up in the whole idea of being with a man that was much more established. In fact, that was what I had before he and I had met. But I’m so glad we sacrificed and paid our dues together. It makes our journey and the fruits of our labor that much more sweet. Our relationship wasn't about fancy dinners and expensive presents. Much of it was great laughs at 1 in the morning over a breakfast sampler at IHop. I loved him before the material things. Now everything else is just a bonus."

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There is power in prayer and this photo is giving us chills!

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"I chose to make JR my wife because she pushes and challenges me and has done that from the very beginning," said the groom. "I wouldn’t be where I am today, a main sports anchor in Washington, D.C., without her encouragement. I also jokingly say my family loves her more than they love me! She just clicked with all  my relatives, especially my aunt who is also in anchor in Chicago."

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Jeannette's bridesmaid got their gowns from Rent the Runway--a fabulous choice for such a fantastic day!

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"I took me about a year before I knew for sure that Robert was 'the one,'" said the bride. "We always had great chemistry. But I knew that we had much more than that around the time I was offered a reporter job in Washington, D.C. Robert was just overjoyed that I was offered the position and told me I had to accept it. I knew for sure that he was the one within a week of our long distance relationship. There was no 'moving on.' He wasn’t just another guy for me."

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For their wedding sweet treat, the bride and groom opted for a chocolate buttercream cake, icing was vanilla buttercream with white fondant. Yum!

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"My brother-in-law walked me down the spiral staircase and my brother walked me the rest of the way," Jeannette shared. "My father passed 5 years before and had asked them to look after me. I’m also very close to them so it was a no-brainier. But it was still very emotional for all of us. Certainly not what we all had in mind originally, of course."

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Jeannette and Robert decided to jump the broom as a nod to a rich history in African American culture on their wedding day. Great touch! 

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"I love that he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and show emotion," said the bride of groom. "I’ve never had a problem with getting him to understand how I feel, even if it’s purely emotion-based, and he does a great job of communicating his feelings with me. He’s comfortable and confident enough to know that showing emotions and sensitivity isn’t a sign of weakness."

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The bride and groom honored some of the most important people in their lives on their wedding day.

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"Walking down the aisle was pretty nerve wracking for me," said the bride. "But once we held each other's hands and looked into each other’s eyes, it was as if we were the only ones in the room. The nerves just melted away."

But the Jeannette did admit she and Robert were both overcome with emotion at one point that the tears just fell! 

"We were both nearly sobbing! It totally caught us by surprise. Luckily, the pastor had some tissue!"

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"Literal tears of joy and humility that she chose me," shared Robert of how he felt at the altar realizing the moment had come for Jeannette to be his Mrs. "This was real. She was going to be my wife."

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Jeannette's nephews served as ringbearers for the wedding and they were just adorable security to make sure the bride and grooms hardware was kept safe and sound! 

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"I said yes, not just because he makes me laugh, is humble, God-fearing, charming but because he is a person I strive to be like," said the bride of her Mr. Forever. "He makes you want to be a better person."

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"It's funny because I pictured a lot of what has happened and who my wife ended up being," said Robert of Jeannette. "I knew I wanted a woman with a great sense of humor, confidence, beautiful, brown skin and intelligent. A woman with self confidence, but not cockiness. When I met JR she exceeded  all of those expectations."

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"It sounds silly but I knew she was the one when we went to IHop one after work and my card declined," recalled the groom of the moment he knew he had to make Jeannette his bride. "I was embarrassed but without hesitation she asked me to take her to the ATM so that she could withdraw some money. She paid the bill and I never heard about again. That and the fact that she knows how to let loose and have fun, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s a God-fearing and wise woman. I admire all of those qualities in her. "

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The bride and the groom definitely look like they know how to have a good time--and their bridal party does too!

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As they made their first appearance after being announced as husband and wife, Robert and Jeannette entered their reception to "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.

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Robert and his groomsmen looked like dapper gentlemen on his big day and we totally love the classic look!

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"My favorite and most emotional moment was the dance with my brother and brother in law," said the bride. "I was a wreck. But I wanted to take out a few moments to just remember my dad. I was glad we did."

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The bride and groom along with their entire bridal party is a gorgeous group!

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"For my husband, it was a very special moment between him and his immediate family," shared the bride. "Robert's brother sang during the mother/son dance and his father, who was a bit emotional, was asked to join in and they all just hugged each other and danced together."

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Robert and his guys had a little fun during the big day and we love it!

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Now this is how you toast the day--congratulations to Robert and Jeannette!


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