Bridal Bliss: Kareem and Latresse's Modern Wedding Was The Sweetest Thing

The love story between the bride and groom all started with a headnod and a walk to the train. See how their butterfly wedding transformed into an event to remember!

Lauren Porter Feb, 15, 2017

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Bride: Latresse Thornton, 37, Network Engineer and Fashion Consultant Groom: Kareem Hopson, 34, Asset Protection Associate and College Student The Big Day: 9/1/16 Location: Glen Head, New York Style/Theme: Modern Sexy Intimate Affair

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For their intimate wedding, Latresse and Kareem invited 100 of their closet family and friends who witnessed their union!

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"It felt amazing to be a bride and to have everything run rather smoothly, I’m a perfectionist so everything had to be completed by me," said Latresse. "To also know that I was going to finally marry an amazing man that God sent for me, was an awesome feeling."

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Bride Latresse rocked some pretty amazing shoes on her wedding day! How fab!

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"Kareem is loving, God fearing, caring, giving, adaptable, generous, kind‐hearted, handsome, charming, understanding, gentlemen, and captivating," said the bride of her groom.

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Kareem loved Latresse so much he proposed twice! Yes, two times. "The 1st proposal was on March 20, 2015 I recently had surgery and he was driving me to my Mother’s home. It was very simple, he pulled the car over, opened the passenger side door, and got on his knee, in the snow might I add, and popped the question! The 2nd proposal was amazing and it took place on Valentine’s Day. Kareem made reservations and had flowers at the table. We ordered dinner and took a few photos but the whole time I was wondering “where is the ring?!.” Our meal came, and I’m thinking we are almost done with our meal and still no ring! Kareem had me totally fooled that he was not going to re‐propose. Kareem ask me if I could help him with something while he was standing up. Next thing I knew he was dropping to his knee, and popped the question again. Everyone in the restaurant started clapping, taking pictures, and in awe!” How sweet!

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"Well I had 2 dresses that I loved and even put a deposit on both," explained the bride of finding her dream dress. "However, I went with what felt good on me and made me feel special. I kept dragging my Mom and Maid of Honor with me and when they couldn’t make it, I would face time them. We all agreed the one I selected was 'the one.'"

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"I love how Kareem loves our relationship and is always ready to get in the ring and fight for us," said the bride. "Kareem has an amazing self‐motivational spirit that he instantly developed to cope with such tragedies.In April of 1991, Kareem’s mother was tragically taken from her 4 children by her then boyfriend. Since the time of her unfortunate death, Kareem has experienced so much pain and loss in his lifetime including homelessness and at times having no food to eat. He made sure to equip himself with the necessary tools to become very successful and achieving more out of his life. He has beaten the odds and statics of his tragic story."

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"I felt honored to be a groom to this wonderful woman that I also believe God allowed me to find," shared Kareem.

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"Latresse is loving, caring, beautiful, ambitious, driven, sexy, smart, understanding, and compassionate," shared the groom.

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Latresse and Kareem had a first look with a twist! He wore a blind fold and they were simply in each other's presence. That is perfect!

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"Yes, I always thought that I would find true love," shared the groom. "But I never knew that I would've found it the way I did and when I did. God promised that if I find a wife I'll find a good thing. I just did my part by looking. It was all in God's plan to lead me."

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"I hate to say it, but I was becoming complacent in my life, and just adapting to possibly being single for the rest of my life. I figured God had a different purpose for me," the bride said about finding true love. And then, she met Kareem.

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The bride's stepfather walked her down the aisle on her big day as "Why I Love You" by Major played.

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"Besides me saying to myself 'wow, look how beautiful she is,' I was falling more in love with her," said the groom of how he felt looking at his bride while they stood at the altar. "I was so excited, felt honored and so amazingly blessed to be marrying her."

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"I felt so special and in awe of this very special moment," said the bride of how she felt about being at the altar with her groom. "When he said his vows they were so heartfelt and amazing, I just wanted to cry but I couldn’t risk messing up my makeup. Not to mention he was so handsome. Then I was starting to think where is his boutonniere? Lol!"

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To symbolize their union, the couple blended sand into one and we love it!

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"We had loads of cymbidium and vanda orchids as those are my favorite flowers and they complimented the color purple, cream, and gold color scheme," said the bride of her bouquet.

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"I made Latresse my wife because I knew I just couldn’t live without her," said the groom. "What helped me to decide is when I first met her I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. It’s the feeling of "when you know, you know.'"

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4 of Latresse's best friends along with her cousin stood by her side on her wedding day. Work girls!

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"I simply said 'yes' because my now husband is a good man and would do anything for me," said the bride. "I admire how much he loves God and aims to live by his word. He is a man’s man and has swag of 1000%. I knew that Kareem would complete me and continue to make me a better person."

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Kareem's brother and uncle stood with him at the altar.

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When asked what he loves most about his bride, the groom said, "how she loves me unconditionally."

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We are loving the bride's second pair of shoes!

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On their second date, Latresse had a special feeling when she was around Kareem and that's how she knew he was the one. 

"Our date involved a kiss that gave me butterflies which I never felt before, and I actually was nervous about feeling this way. Kareem continued to court me as we continued to date and fall deeply in love."

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The bride and groom look like they had the time of their life on their big day!

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Kareem and Latresse were certainly head over heels for each other oon their wedding day. Swoon!

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During the reception, the bride and groom each recommended a signature cocktail for their guests. What a great touch!

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The bride didn't just have one stunning look on her wedding day. She had 2 and we love it!

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The bride and groom opted for a 3 tier cake with bling and butterflies and their monogram cake topper to make it picture perfect!

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This wedding looked like so much fun, especially for the bride and groom!

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Latresse's signature drink looks oh-so delicious!

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When the newlyweds entered their wedding reception, "Exceptional" by Babyface was playing and that was certainly the theme for the night. Guests enjoyed a DJ, photo booth and a cigar roller during the festivities. How wonderful!


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