Bridal Bliss: Chantel And Shavonia's Love Shined Through Their Stunning Wedding Photos

Lauren Porter Apr, 25, 2018

When Chantel walked into a club one summer night in 2011, she had no idea she’d find the love of her life, Shavonia, on the dance floor. But that’s exactly what happened. Seven years later they tied the knot and their gorgeous nuptials will move you.

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

Bride: Chantel Nicole Beverly, 30, 5th Grade Teacher
Bride: Shavonia Peterson, 33, Exceptional Education Teacher
The Big Day: 7/21/2017
Location: The Yacht Club at Marina Shores Virginia Beach, VA
Style/Theme: All White Wedding/Modern with a Romantic twist


Wedding Planner: EventsbyBrittney
Venue: The Yacht Club at Marina Shores
Florist: Isha Foss
Caterer: Shoreline Catering
Wedding Cake: Incredible Edibles Bakery
DJ and Photobooth: Astro Entertainment
Photography: Chris and Shawna Fredericks
Videography: Tyler Q Tucker Productions
Officiant: Ivory Morgan-Burton
Stationary Wedding: Paper Divas


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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"Being a bride felt like I was on cloud 9," admitted Chantel. "After I got past the nervousness part, it was the best feeling in the world. I felt so beautiful and so loved. There were a few overwhelming moments but for the most part, it was wonderful."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"It took awhile for me to find 'the one,'" said Chantel. "I was trying to think about comfort and dancing. When I couldn’t find a dress that I absolutely loved in Richmond or the surrounding cities, I chose to go to Kleinfeld in New York City. My budget was initially $1,500. However, there was a dress that I saw online that I really liked. It wasn’t in my budget but I had to try it on. Once I tried it on I knew it was the one and my best friend confirmed it was perfect when she cried! My dress was a mermaid style and was designed by Eve of Milady. The details we immaculate! it provided screamed sexy but elegant at the same time."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"Shavonia is very interesting. She’s actually the opposite of me. I’m more optimistic and she’s more realistic. I’m very outgoing and she’s more reserved. She’s very organized and I could be all over the place sometimes. However, she’s my perfect match. She’s loving, caring and will do anything for those she holds near and dear to her heart. She’s the yin to my yang."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

Chantel reveals that there were no frills about how Shavonia proposed, and that's what made it sweeter.

"It was a very simple proposal. Nothing fancy at all. On Thursday, December 15, 2011 she came in the house after working and was acting weird. She grabbed my hand and was shaking nervously and then got down on one knee and told me how much she loved me and how much I have inspired her and asked me to marry her."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"Being a bride was actually a bit nervous for me," said Shavonia. "I’m not big on being the center of attention and being so emotional in front of so many people. But it was exciting at the same time."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"My bouquet was made out of white peonies with detailed brooches," Chantel explained of her gorgeous bouquet.

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"My brother walked me down the aisle," said Chantel. "My father is deceased and my brother is like my best friend. He’s always been there for me whenever I needed him. I love him so much."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"I had to take a moment to get myself together before I could actually take that first step down the aisle. As I walked down the aisle, I could just see the tears flowing down Shavonia’s face. It was beautiful."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"I felt like the happiest woman on earth being with Chantel at the altar," Shavonia revealed. 

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

We adore a sand ceremony during a wedding. It's so sweet!

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"I felt nervous because I didn’t want to burst into tears again but I felt like the luckiest woman in the world to be marrying my best friend and love of my life," said Chantel. 

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

And just like that, Chantel and Shavonia sealed their union with a kiss!

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"I said yes because Shavonia is truly my soulmate. She literally completes me," Chantel revealed. "I can be my true self with her at all times. We just get each other. We literally laugh at the same things. I feel free when I’m with her."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"My wife and I met at an LGBT club named, Colors. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was a hot summer night on Saturday, July 23, 2011. It was interesting because I had not gone there in years and I randomly decided to go with a friend that night. I was at the bar and I saw her from across the room. I was attracted to her instantly and repeatedly glanced in her direction. I felt our eyes meet one another and she came over to me.  She asked, 'What you doing up in here, are you a lesbian?' She thought I was straight and didn’t believe me. That night we danced the night away and exchanged numbers after the let out. She called me and we talked on the phone for hours like we were teenagers.  The following week we went on a date and the rest was history. We were inseparable."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"I chose to make Chantel my wife because she is truly the most selfless and kind-hearted person I know," said Shavonia of her bride. "She loves with her whole heart. She’s loyal to all of her friends and family.  She motivates me and inspires me to be the best woman I can be."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"I love how loving, patient and selfless Chantel is. I love how she stays firm in what she believes in. Whatever Chantel wants,  she lets nothing stand in her way of getting it. She has literally made me a better woman."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

When it came to planning the big day, both brides admit that choosing who was going to be in their bridal party was the toughest part. 

“So to keep it simple we only chose two people.”

Chantel’s Maid of Honor was her best friend Tera and her bridesmaid was a close friend named Lex.
Slavonia’s maid of honor was her cousin Glenessa and her bridesmaid was one of her closest friends Chiffon.

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

“I knew she was the one when I could let go all of my fears and be completely vulnerable," said Chantel. 

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"She is nothing short from amazing!" said Chantel of Shavonia. 

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"I never imagined that I would find my true love in the club but I sure am glad I went out that night!" Chantel exclaimed. 

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"Our wedding cake was 3 tiers with white buttercream. The bottom and the top layer flavor was butter Chiffon and the middle layer was red velvet. The bottom layer was designed with rosettes, the middle layer had a lattice design with sugar rhinestones and the top layer had sugar rhinestones. The cake was topped with a beautiful floral arrangement and a silver glitter love topper."

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Chris and Shawna Fredericks

"Our first dance song was a mix of two songs. The first song was Dontchange by Musiq Soulchild. After the first verse and chorus it transitioned into On the Run Part II by Jay Z and Beyonce. That's our favorite song and we had to end with it!"