We're not crying, you're crying!

Lauren Porter
Nov, 21, 2016

When your mom prays, there is certainly something magical and amazing about her talks with God.

And when she does it on your wedding day – for you and your groom in front of the entire gathering of witnesses for your love – it’s all the more special.

One bride shared a photo of her mother with hands outstretched praying as she and her handsome groom sat at the altar on their wedding day.

"This picture describes my mother's entire life, and posture of her heart so perfectly," the bride, identified as Christina Girma, began with her caption. "Her arms have been the wings that have kept me covered in prayer and protected me through every season of life.”

“From the day she knew she carried me in her womb until the day she walked me down the aisle, she has consistently kept her hands lifted to God for strength, grace, wisdom, protection and guidance. Through her life she has taught me that a woman of true beauty, grace and favor is a woman whose heart is deeply hidden in the Lord. Everything I have become, and the woman I continue to become is a direct result of her consistent prayer and unconditional love,” she continued.

Between the beauty in the photo and the sweet sentiments of the bride’s caption, we are definitely shedding a few tears over all this love.