7 Ways To Be More Of a Badass On The Dating Scene in 2018

The Matchmaking Duo Jan, 25, 2018

The Urban definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Are you tired of the same dating scene? Well, we’ve got you! It’s a new year, with new hope, more tools, and more support to help any single woman looking for love to attract and find a new boo in 2018! Of course, if you follow us regularly, you already know that we want you to feel empowered to go after the relationship you want and deserve.

As certified relationship coaches and professional matchmakers, we offer proven methods that have worked for our clients and many have met the partner of their dreams. We’re almost certain each of them will tell you, it didn’t happen overnight and not without a change in strategy. Here are seven tips to jumpstart your love life now.

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Put away the black, brown, navy and grey ladies! Studies show that men remember certain colors that frame our faces: reds, pinks, blues and yellow! Picture this, if you are in a room with a sea of little black dresses, he’s never going to say, "I like the one with the one-shoulder black dress or the A-line or sheath look" but he might say “yeah, you remember the one in that red dress or the cutie in the blue jumpsuit.” Get the picture?

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Common interests are what often connect two people or attract them to each other. Get more in touch with who you are and what makes you happy and follow those interests wherever they lead you -- which could be a paint and pour class or a new organization with lots of new faces and people to connect with on new levels. Choose at least two new activities to get involved with this year.

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It’s so easy to go to the cafeteria for lunch at work and say a brief hello to someone in passing, or to attend a networking event and only discuss what you do and not what the other person may be into. This year make it your goal to be more open to meeting new people overall and having more meaningful conversations with them. Meet-up.com is a great way to connect with like-minded people who share the same interests. Challenge: join two!

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We can’t emphasize enough how far a warm smile and a nice hello will go as you move throughout your day. Try being a little bolder and take it a step further and stop to start a conversation too. You never know where it could go, what you might have in common, and whether he or she could be your soul mate or connected to them and a new circle.

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Is there a great catch in your circle now who you may have overlooked or not thought of in a romantic way in the past? Perhaps you just didn't see it, or you weren't ready? Maybe you were too busy at the time, not ready, or thought you had more time? You can always start again and spark up new conversations that could lead to new places.

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Looking at your calendar today, when do you even have time to meet someone new? Are you going to work and going straight home? Around the same people day in and day out? Have you committed to too many groups, boards, volunteering, etc. and are just stretched thin on time to even meet or notice new people? We’ve said a million times before that a new love interest may not want to compete with your schedule. Make some room for what's coming -- it's part of claiming it.

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As Black women we can often feel pressure to be extra poised at work, then someone else at church, then finally ourselves with close friends and family. Enough already! At work it’s ok to come in on Monday and share the fun things you did over the weekend or a meaningful moment in your life, i.e. “I went salsa dancing, ice skating, or I had a wonderful dinner with friends (whether it was at an upscale restaurant or a great hole in the wall.) As people get to know the real you, you won’t believe how fast they might say, “Wow my brother loves to salsa dance...let me introduce you!”

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The Matchmaking Duo

It’s time to live for the moment and invest in your future. We can’t continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. So who’s committing to trying something new? Join our new Facebook community "Hey LovHERS!" for more fun dating tips and relationship advice and let us know You’re in!

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