11 Instagram Habits That Could Be Turning Him Off

In honor of National Pet Peeve Week, we're rounding up a handly list of the social media habits that may be turning off the man in your life. According to a survey from Match.com everything from posting too many selfies on Instagram to filling your Twitter feed with too much emotional commentary can cause a potential bae to run for the hills instead of cozying up to your love. These are the 11 things you might be doing online right now that turn him off and we bet you didn't even know they were a big deal. 

Lauren Porter Oct, 13, 2016

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Listen, we get it--there won't always be great lighting and the perfect angle when you're snapping a selfie, but posting every single selfie you take (and the outtakes) could do some damage to your image to potential suitors. 46% of men say that while a selfie is always nice to see, too many on your feed could be a bad look.

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Forty-nine percent of men are not here for the lady in their life asking them to unfriend an ex.

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According to Match.com's annual Singles in America survey, 70% of men are turned off by women who check their phone too often on the first date.

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Sometimes venting about a bad day on your social timeline is understandable but too much sappiness is never a good idea. Sixty-five percent of men say that really emotional posts are a social media no-no.

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Everyone loves a feel-good post or quote, but the survey says that back-to-back inspiring sayings are a turn off to 22% of men. 

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There is a difference between keeping your answers short and sweet versus and giving responses too short to be considered a conversation. Responding with one word answers like “k” or “cool” is a major turn off for 37% of male participants.


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We all love a good hashtag but 35% of men say #over #Doing #it #is #not #cool. 


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If your messages are filled with misspellings, blaming auto correct may not get you off the hook. Thirty six percent of men say that the use of incorrect grammar in text message is a sure way to be left on read. 

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Survey says, men like it went a woman speaks her mind. Twenty nine percent of those surveyed say withholding participation in a conversation is a major no-no. 

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Yes we know using caps helps to exaggerate a point over text message, but sometimes too many phrases in all caps can be a bad thing. Survey says 30% of men say a text sent in all caps should be reconsidered. 


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Everyone loves a throwback photo, but are you living more in the future than the past? Twenty four percent of men say no to oversharing baby photos.