7 Ways to Meet Someone Special At Your Friend’s Wedding


Here are 7 of our top flirting tips to take advantage of the next wedding invitation and use the opportunity to meet your next boo!

The Matchmaking Duo May, 31, 2017

Wedding season is upon us and many single guests are mailing off RSVPs with the hopes of making their own love connections on the dance floor. While making lasting memories with friends and family, why not also take advantage of the perfect opportunity to mingle with like-minded friends of friends?

A wedding usually guarantees a great time and a great atmosphere for dancing, looking our best, eating good food, and toasting to love and chemistry. As relationship coaches and professional matchmakers, our theme all year for singles has been “No more missed opportunities! And, weddings are no different.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you!

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Long gone are the days when everyone needed a date to go out on the dance floor. When your favorite song comes on, take the limits off and hit the floor just enjoying yourself. Often someone will see how much fun you’re having and either other women will join in, or a single guy will come up. Whether they do or not, you’re guaranteed to be seen and if someone is interested he will know how much fun you are and enjoy the confidence you have with or without a man. And who cares if you can’t dance, you’re having a great time and he will take notice.

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If there’s someone you’d like to get to know across the room, make it easy for him to come over and say hello. Make eye contact, smile, and even move closer to where he is to introduce yourself. Most likely, he will take it from there! But in the event he doesn’t, give him a compliment and start the conversation.

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As Matchmakers, we interview hundreds of single men and women in any given week to be introduced to our clients. But for the next wedding we crown you an honorary matchmaker! Ask your friend who is getting married (way before the wedding) whose coming that might be a good person to meet? Ask them to put a bug in his ear about you if you’re interested so when you arrive, you’re already ahead of the game and then it’s more like a warm introduction.

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Don’t arrive at the wedding with only “your physical type” in mind. Be open to starting conversations with everyone at your table, on your way to the restroom, and even as you wait for a drink. It’s a numbers game and sometimes being more open to meeting people in general can lead you to “the one.”

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We’re not saying steal the spotlight from the bride and groom but if there are 200 people amongst you, that is a lot sifting he’ll have to do to spot you. The toast will represent your well wishes and show him how articulate and caring you are. And not only will the one you’ve been eying all night take notice, but others will remember you as well.

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If you’re a wedding guest, you have flexibility with what you can wear. Start with picking out clothes to insure you’re not blending in with the crowd. Forget the little black dress. Pick an outfit with some color, a statement piece necklace, or something that will get you noticed. There will be 2-dozen other women with a black dress, how is he supposed to remember you?

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Let them know. Whether it comes up in conversation or you’re intentional about bringing it up, don’t forget to mention how happy you are for the couple and how much you love love. Also mention that yes you are a fan of marriage and looking forward to the day when it’s your turn!

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Women have come to us dreading wedding season because they feel their clock is ticking and they are tired of being the bridesmaid or forced to sit at the “single” friends table.  But we encourage you to have an optimistic attitude this year and use these tools to help you turn this next wedding into an opportunity to meet someone great!

Here's to love!

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