#MCM: Model Don James Has Dreamy Eyes We'd Love To Get Lost In

It's Monday and we're crushing on someone new. This week, Miami native Don James has us totally swooning. Take one look at his eyes and you'll know why!

Lauren Porter Apr, 10, 2017

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Some of the Aquarius mans favorite past times include drawing and graffiti. "I always thought if I didn't model/act, I'd be an artist," he said. "I also love martial arts, watching movies and going to the beach. A combination of these 3 equals heaven for me on any given day."

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"Yes, I can cook! I cook it all, no real favorite dish," said the multitalented man. "Currently my go to meal is salmon, grilled veggies and quinoa. Gotta stay lean!"

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"Most embarrassing thing I've done for love? Gotten cheated on at 19, made a big deal about it then went back and said I didn't care. I lied. I did care."

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"I go to the gym 6 days a week," said the model, actor and personal trainer. "I keep workouts interesting by going with whomever I can or by myself, switching my routine up once a month and alternating inside and outside gym days. But most of all, I swim."

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What celeb lady makes Don's heart skip a beat? That answer, he says is easy. "Kat Graham, she's perfect! Kat If your reading this, don't be afraid to slide in my DM's lol" Shoot your shot, girl!

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Date Night for this guy looks a little something like this: "dinner out on the water at a nice restaurant, walk the beach after, small bonfire and just talk. We'd look out at the stars and moons reflection over the ocean." Sounds heavenly doesn't it!

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The 28-year-old Miami native isn't afraid to get down and dirty. His favorite emoji is the smiling face with horns after all!

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We could get lost in Don's eyes forever but his favorite part of a woman's body is a little different. "Sexiest part of a woman's body...you may laugh but I think it's her nose!," he shared. "I love women of all different body types but the nose is the focal point of the face and I tend to stare lol. Cute nose goes a long way."

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"A woman's sexiest quality to me is confidence," Don shared. Women that exude confidence just come off as driven and sexy. It's a complete turn on for me."

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The bravest thing Don has ever done is a conscious Black man in America. #EnoughSaid

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What makes Don the perfect catch? His answer is magical. "I'm humble. I can admit when I make mistakes. Pride doesn't limit my emotional spectrum. I'm always willing to do better and be a better version of me because a better me makes my woman a better her."

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"Yes I'm single," said the Miami resident. "I was formerly employed as a traveling PT so was constantly on the road so a relationship wasn't in the cards for me at that point. Now? Who knows. I'm open to it. I'm just more focused on career moves at the moment."

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"I prefer someone hyper sexual like myself," Don admitted. A woman who can conduct business 9-5 and have me 5-9 is always lit." Well then!