#MCM: Boston Born Model Thorton Paul Is Everything And Then Some

Hot chocolate anyone?

Lauren Porter Aug, 28, 2017

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"I am currently residing in Boston, MA specifically Roxbury. I love it here, it's where I grew up. The city is diverse with a Haitian and Caribbean presence that makes it feel like home."

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"I really don’t like partying, but you will find me in the gym, maybe on a random date. I love to stay busy. As of late, I’ve been spending my late nights writing a book."

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Want to know more about Thorton? "1. I don't drink or smoke. 2. I had a contract to go overseas and play basketball.  3. I’m insecure about my chipped tooth"

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The 28-year-old Aries is an Enterprise Account Executive at Oracle. Impressive!

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"I go to the gym about 5 to 6 times a week. It’s a ritual at this point, it feels wrong not to go. I want to always look good of course but life is a marathon, I want to be 80 and look/feel like I’m 50."

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"The ability to truly love without any reservations is one of the sexiest things about a woman. When a women truly loves you, she stays up to make sure you get home and calls you just in case you forgot she told you to call her. She doesn’t want to change you but will talk you through different ways to view things because she see herself in you. She will take you to see your idol perform one last time because she sat with you and truly understood what he did for you growing up."

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"I’m definitely not perfect but I think the one thing that always sets me apart from other men is my emotional intelligence. I can be good looking with a great body but that will only take me so far. Being able to grasp an understanding of why some women, not all, think the way they do gave me an advantage because at that point I become much more than a face to look at but a friend to talk to."

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"I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was in middle school and madly in love with a girl in my class. I would honestly steal like Disney watches from my peers or in stores just to give it to her. One day I found out my mom bought this new perfume, the name of the perfume the name of the girl’s! I plotted all night and waited for my mom to go shower to steal her perfume. The next day I brought the perfume to my crush at the time and she was so excited I even got a kiss on the cheek. I thought I won at life. By the end of the day, I saw an image at the door of the classroom that still haunts me to this day. My mother with a Grinch smirk.  I found out later after my well-deserved beating the teacher called my mother letting her know that it was extremely nice her son brought perfume to a girl in class, my mother clueless to the whole thing asked the teacher what type of perfume did I give her. At that point it was over. My mother taught me a valuable lesson that day, love hurts."

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"I modeled speedos in my college fashion show. *inserts upside down emoji here*"

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"I have a Haitian mother so I can hold my own. My favorite meal to make is Filet Mignon, asparagus and an additional side that I would pick on the fly. My favorite meal to eat is Haitian Fritay which typically consists of fried sweet plantains, fried pork, fried sweet potatoes and Pikliz (Haitian spice)"

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"Being able to mentor a few individuals at work and in my community seems more beneficial and cool than anything else I do."

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"I really enjoy traveling, playing basketball which is my first love. Whenever my life seems out of whack, playing basketball puts me in a state of ease. In the past year I've gotten into writing. I love to dance to zouk and kompa. You can catch me at any family function taking over the dancefloor."

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"I enjoy a lot of random activities, but I think the perfect date is going on the beach during the evening and just learning about each other. Of course after I feed her because I've learned that's the quickest way to a woman's heart."

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We hate to break it to you, but Thorton is taken!

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"A woman that is multifaceted is a major turn on. She is witty and can keep you on your toes. There is a unique trait that some women have were they can work your nerves and turn you on in the same breath. I don’t know what it is but some women have that effect.  Ambition is also huge for me, there is always more to do in this world, a woman that isn’t content with what they are currently doing always has a place in my heart."