12 Of Our Favorite Photos From Beyoncé and JAY-Z ‘s Epic European Vacation

Leave it to Beyoncé and JAY-Z to work hard and play harder. During their downtime on the European leg of their On The Run II Tour, the Carters made the most of their time together. They made time for luxurious date nights and epic days out and they're sharing their vacation album to prove it.
Lauren Porter Aug, 01, 2018

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We see you, Bey!

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A day date out with bae is always a good idea and it's obvious Bey and Jay know a thing or two about that!

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Hand-in-hand, the Carters are still one of our favorite couples.

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Where Jay leads, Bey will follow.

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These two slay, all day!

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On the run, literally!

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After all these years, these two are still so crazy in love.

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Yacht life. Enough said.

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Casual luxury looks good on these two.

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Picture. Perfect. Posing.

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Bey and Jay are truly fine art...even in a museum full of fine art!