Judge Mathis' Daughter Camara's Malibu Wedding Will Simply Take Your Breath Away

Lauren Porter Sep, 20, 2017

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Bride: Camara Mathis
Groom:  Ryan Webb  
The Big Day: August 26, 2017
Location: Malibu, California

Wedding Planner: Diann Valentine
Photographer: Pharris Photos

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"I’ve never been the type of girl who dreamed of her wedding day, so I was surprised at how emotional I was," said Camara. "My goal for the entire day was to stay in the moment and enjoy every second because it was truly once in a lifetime. Spending the day getting pampered with my mom, sister and best friends and then walking down the aisle to meet my husband was all so surreal. The day was so relaxing and stress free. It was perfect. It was everything and more."

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Ryan and Camara's daughter Nora certainly was the star of the show on her mom and dad's wedding day! 

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We can't get enough of Camara's gorgeous wedding gown!

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Ryan and Camara swapped vows in front of family and friends in August to make their union official after reconnecting towards the end of 2014.

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ESSENCE Fest alum Kelly Price was in attendance at the wedding and sang a special song for the couple on their big day. 

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Reverend Jesse Jackson officiated the union and of course the bride's father, the honorable Judge Greg Mathis, was close by throughout the day and during the intimate Malibu wedding.

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"I have so many favorite moments it’s impossible to choose just one. From my dad walking me down the aisle while Major performed my favorite love song "This Is Why I Love You,” to dancing with my husband while Johnny Gill performed our first dance song, to partying all night with our closest family and friends it was all a dream. A true fairytale. "

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"Ryan and I first met at Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI," revealed the bride. "We were in the same gym class but he was a sophomore and I was a senior so we didn’t talk much. Ten years later we reconnected on social media. I lived in Los Angeles and he lived in Las Vegas but was moving to Philadelphia in a couple weeks. I invited him to LA to crash on my couch so he could explore the city before his move to the east coast. We’ve talked everyday since that weekend and here we are!"

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This wedding looks like the perfect white wonderland!

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"After our first phone conversation which last for almost 4 hours I called one of my best friends and said, 'I found my husband,'" the bride said. "But I really knew he was the one when he moved from Philadelphia to California. Long distance relationships can be stressful so a move that big showed a different level of commitment and willingness to sacrifice."