30 Times Black Women Lived Their Best Lives in the U.A.E.
Photo Credit: @becky_with_melanin
Half a world away in the Middle East lies a desert nation known for its stunning skyline and over-the-top extravagance, maybe you’ve heard of it — the United Arab Emirates. Known as the “Vegas of the Middle East” by many visiting the capital city of Abu Dhabi and nearby sister city Dubai, the U.A.E is home to unique dining experiences like Dinner in the Sky and the underwater restaurant Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, bucket list activities like passenger rides around the F1 race track at Yas Marina Circuit and sky diving over The Palm. There’s also record-breaking architecture like the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, and just all around decadent luxury that is unmatched. Best visited from October through early May (as summer temps can rise well past 100 degrees), this relatively young country (It’s only 47 years old!) has become the go-to spot for many Black women travelers. Some head to the U.A.E. seeking financial and career advancement in professions, ranging from teaching and nursing, to advertising and journalism — along with tech. Others are simply looking to grab a few girlfriends and enjoy a desert getaway they will never forget. Regardless of why or how they end up there, one thing is for certain, Black women are having a vibe and a moment every time they touch Emirati soil. Still have your doubts? Check out 30 times Black women were living their best lives in the U.A.E. Thank us later! TOPICS: