A little extra cash goes a long way. That’s why nearly four out of ten Americans have a side hustle, according to a Bankrate survey. A side hustle can be a passion project, or just another way to earn some quick cash and all you need is a remote setup (read: Wi-Fi access and computer or smartphone) to get started. Ahead, check out these five easy ways to start a digital side hustle today.   1. Get Paid To Share Your Opinion You don’t have to write a think piece to get some extra cash. For anyone who has opinions and wants to put them to work, Crowdtap is a dream come true. Crowdtap rewards members for their honest feedback and offers up to thousands of questions for members to answer every day—which earns them rewards like gift cards, subscriptions to entertainment platforms and beyond.   2. Transcribe Your Way To A Check If you can type 60 words a minute, meet deadlines and translate with accuracy, transcribing might be the side hustle for you. Transcribers can make at least $100 per week for 7-8 hours of work. According to PayScale, the median transcriptionist wage is $15.68 per hour, while Life and a Budget notes that advanced transcriptionists can earn $25-$30 per hour.   3. Put Your Degree To Use As An Online Tutor Become an online tutor with VIP Kid and pick your hours and get paid on time. VIP Kid tutors get paid between $14-$22 per hour to do one-on-one English instruction for Chinese students via video conferencing. While it does require a bachelor’s degree, it doesn’t have to be a teaching degree, and you don’t need to live abroad.   4. Be An Affiliate Marketer An affiliate marketer job is another easy option if you already have a social media following or high online traffic to your website or blog. You can earn commissions by promoting other companies’ products through a blog, vlog or social media post.  All you need to do is provide a link for people to make purchases. You’ll earn a commission from every sale your content creates.   5. Become a Virtual Assistant Since Black women are the largest group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. Many of them need help running their businesses, and some use virtual assistants to manage their days. The demand for virtual assistants is on the rise, and according to Payscale you can make on average $15.63 per hour. A virtual assistant is responsible for a number of jobs or tasks, this can include scheduling posts, managing email lists and managing calendars depending on the need.   TOPICS: