15 Ways To Save $100 This Month

These simple tweaks to your spending habits can save you hundreds!

Crystal Tate Mar, 18, 2016

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If you find yourself spending money faster than you receive it or barely being able to put cash into your savings account, it might seem practically impossible to save $100 in just one month. But what if we told you it was possible, and actually pretty simple? It’s just a matter of changing your daily habits. We’ll show you how to easily save a hundred dollar bill this month, and so forth!

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Skip your biweekly hair appointment—Chances are you’re spending $50-$75 on average every other week to keep your hair looking fly. If your skip one or both appointments and DIY your hair instead, you’ll easily pocket up to $150. 

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BYOL— If you “bring your own lunch” to work for just one week, you can save up to $50 on your daily sandwich or salad. If you brown bag it for two weeks or more, you can save at least $100 this month.

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Negotiate your bills—Are you spending too much on cable? Credit card bills piling up? Call your cable or Internet provider and ask if you can negotiate a lower rate for your loyalty, and ask to lower interest rates on your credit cards. Negotiating your bills can easily pocket you $100 or more each month.

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Unplug—Are you keeping your air conditioner on throughout the day? Forgetting to turn off lights? Be sure to unplug and turn everything off before you leave home, and consider buying energy efficient light bulbs. You could save plenty on your electric bill.

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Make it a Netflix night—Going to the movies with the entire family can certainly be a fun Saturday activity, but once you factor in the price of movie tickets and popcorn for everyone, you’ve certainly spent over $100 for just a couple of hours. Host a movie night at home instead—you’ll likely have just as much fun and you aren’t limited to just one movie!

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Resist one impulse purchase—How many times have you walked past a store window, and bought a dress or pair of shoes a few minutes later? It’s happened to all of us. The next time you’re tempted to buy something just because, keep walking! Your wallet will thank you later.

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Get your daily coffee for free (or less)—We understand that Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts is likely calling your name, but making your coffee at home or using your office’s Keurig instead can save you dough. If you avoid your local coffee shop all month long, you easily save almost $100.

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Skip the office happy hour—Bonding with your coworkers is awesome, but you aren’t obligated to go to every happy hour with them. Skip the next one, and you’ll be surprised how much you can save on that bar tab.

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Pick a manicure or pedicure— Getting your requisite mani-pedi might seem necessary but it actually isn’t. Instead of treating yourself to both, just pick one this month and put the extra cash you would’ve spent into your savings.

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Work out outdoors—Instead of paying $20 on that weekly bikram yoga or Beyoncé-inspired dance class, hit the park. Now that the weather’s warming up, it’s also the best time to cancel that gym membership. 

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Choose an accountability partner—Saving money can be harder when you’re going it alone. Pick your hubby, sister, or best friend to hold you accountable to saving money, and they’ll help keep you in check!

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Sell your old stuff—Have you ever considered selling your old clothes or electronics that you no longer use? eBay may be your new best friend! You can also try sites like Poshmark, The RealReal or local consignment stores for your designer items.

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Host a girls’ night in—Going out with your girlfriends can certainly be fun but it can also be pricey! Consider inviting your friends over and have everyone bring a bottle of wine, and you make the appetizers and play host. It’s a win-win for your wallet—and theirs!

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Have a sexy date night—At home! Going out with your loved one is nice, but why not get a babysitter and have a candlelit dinner for two in the privacy of your own home? It will certainly make for a much more intimate night (wink, wink!)

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You’ll likely be getting your income tax refund check soon but instead of using it as a windfall this year, save it! You will appreciate it much more in your savings account instead.