10 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be: Barcelona, Spain

If you’re craving an escape to good food, breathtaking views and lots and lots of wine, Barcelona is the perfect place. From metropolitan shopping and cuisine to century old cathedrals and cobblestone side streets, there is something for everyone.

Joslyn Winkfield Apr, 29, 2016

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This cathedral of wonder holds it’s own category.  Buy tickets (ahead of time) to check out this massive cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudí that is still being built over 130 years later.

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If you get there at just the right time (we were there around 11am) light streams through the Technicolor glass at just the right angles, creating endless Instagram moments .

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Stuff yourself silly with local Catalan tapas like chorizo, sardines, goat cheese and patatas bravas (fried potatoes drizzled a lovely white sauce). Other yummy dishes include a seafood and rice medley called paella, but avoid the touristy restaurants for the best experience.

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With lunch AND dinner (because it’s vacation) order a crisp class of Cava, the Spanish version of sparkling wine. Eat tapas with a lush red or a local beer.

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Barcelona has a great train system that can transport you all across the country. Visit the Black Madonna in the old world village of Montserrat, or take an hour ride into the serene Penedes countryside to visit the vineyards. 

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I opted for the latter, and spent a day biking through vineyards, wine tasting and being treated to a lunch fit for a Catalan king.


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Travel to Sitges for a day of sunbathing, or stay local in Barcelona for long romantic walks, a bit of exercise or paella at one of the seaside restaurants.

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Either way, and no matter the season, you’ll want your feet to touch the vibrant blues of the Mediterranean.  

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The Gothic Quarter is home to tons of hip clothing stores and small vintage shops.

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Buy handmade trinkets and dolls or opt to get jewelry custom made.

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For an alternate to the hotel scene, the city is full of artsy apartments, like this historic flat in Eixample, for rent via Airbnb. 

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Feel like a local by staying in classic apartment in a less touristy area. 

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You can also opt for a modern loft right in the city center like this Gothic Quarter gem, and soak in the dreamy tub after a long day of exploring.

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There are some amazing vantage points where you can view all of Barcelona. 

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Climb to the top of Gaudi Park to see the sea, or take the aerial tramway to take in the city and mountains.

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Be sure to take time for the art in Barcelona, especially the famous Picasso Museum in the Gothic Quarter. If you’re lucky you’ll get one photo opp in before a guard comes over to reprimand you.

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You will feel like Alice in Wonderland as you explore the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí. Spend hours exploring the rock formations and city views at Park Güell.

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Everything he touched has a whimsical, organic quality that will leave you breathless. Climb to the roof of the mansion known as La Pedrera to see his futuristic sculptures.


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