All Of The Things You Should Never Say To A Naturalista
Charles Schug

Besides having our hair policed at school and in the workplace, black women are constantly dodging offensive and/or confusing commentary from those who don’t share our texture.

“Can I touch your hair?”

“It’s so poufy!” 

“Is that your real hair?” 

Even if some of the comments appear to be “innocent” or funny, combating them can get tiredsome. Thankfully, the natural community is a place where we can band together, vent our frustrations and embrace the beauty of our locks. 

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Dark and Lovely‘s new #ThatsMyCurl video series is doing just that with an amusing, but real and relatable look at what it means to be a naturalista in the world today. 

The brand’s first visual, “What Not To Say To A Natural,” is something that anyone with curls and coils can appreciate; especially the hiliarous facial expressions. 

Press play to watch the full video below. 




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