7 Scalp Products To Take Your Hair To The Next Level

We know that shampoos, pre-poos and co-washes are the holy grail of natural hair, but we often focus too much on the hair itself and not enough on the scalp. Here are 7 products that will treat your scalp and give you good hair!

Virginia Lowman Jul, 20, 2016

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Unclog your pores and cleanse your scalp with this gentle exfoliating scrub. ($32, at sephora.com)

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Hydrate your tresses and soothe your scalp with this deliciously fragranced elixir. ($10.80, at carolsdaughter.com)

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Packed with botanical ingredients to soothe and clarify the scalp, this treatment calms dry irritated skin and helps fortify hair.

($40, at sephora.com)

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This drugstore favorite isn't just for relieving dandruff. It's formulated for natural hair so it won't dry out your tresses or strip your hair of its natural oil. ($4.97, at walmart.com)

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Treat your scalp before your shampoo with this herb-infused oil to hydrate your scalp and treat flaky, dandruffy hair. 

($35, at barneys.com)

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The brush head on this rich and creamy balm helps scrub away dirt, oil and buildup to treat, cleanse and clarify the scalp.

($36, at sephora.com)

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Kiss dandruff goodbye and hydrate and clarify the scalp with this intoxicating oil treatment.

($18.50, at sephora.com)