Tired Of The Commute? Check Out These Sites To Find A Remote Job ASAP

The 'return-to-office' battle is real and some employees are tired of fighting...they just want to work from home.

Pew Research survey results show that nearly three since the height of the pandemic, about roughly six-in-ten U.S. workers, say their jobs can mainly be done from home (59%) and prefer to work from home all or most of the time.

About 44% also shared that working from home has made it more convenient for them to meet deadlines, and another 72% say working from home hasn’t affected their ability to advance in their job. So, it’s clear why WFH is winning a workplace war when it comes preferred to working styles. But, like any job hunt, it can be daunting to find someone if you’re not sure where to start searching for one. There are majors job-finding websites, but some are better than others when specifically aiming toward remote positions.

Here are a few we we think are worth checking out.