Your Best Girlfriend Getaway Memories

From the beaches of Miami to the deserts of Nevada, there's no place you can't enjoy a little "she time" with your besties. Check out awesome pics from ESSENCE readers' unforgettable vacays.

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Besties soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach.

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Celebrating a birthday with the girls, St. Lucia style.

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These lovely ladies indulge in some wholesome sisterhood bonding.

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Girlfriends smiling big on the beach.

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The ladies taking Cabo San Lucas by storm.

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Ready for a girls cruise to the Bahamas.

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She time at Lake Berryessa, California for Spring Equinox 2013.

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Girlfriends having fun on vacation before a night out on the town.

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A 25th birthday celebration with the girls in Florida.

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Good times with the girls at the 2011 ESSENCE Music Festival.

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The ladies make memories from the Dominican Republic to Mexico.

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Jumping for joy in the warm Bahama sun.

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Europe wasn't ready for this group of lively ladies.

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Making a pit stop at the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in New York City.

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Jamaica jamming by the pool.

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The ultimate fun in the sun vacation.

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A ladies-only holiday in beautiful Miami.

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From NYC to LA, the girls are ready for a memorable night out.

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The Bahamas treat the girls well on their relaxing vacay to the tropical paradise.

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A stunning backdrop to complement these beautiful vacationing ladies.

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A little winter R&R on South Africa's breathtaking Cederberg mountains.

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Taking a break from catching waves.

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A 40th birthday celebration at the ESSENCE Music Festival in New Orleans.

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These ladies make fast and furious look good.

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Sun kissed friends at Atlantis Paradise Island.

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Posing pretty for a quick vacation photo shoot.

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The ladies shine bright in the sizzling Miami sun.

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These girls are all smiles when surrounded by best friends.

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Taking in a cool breeze by the water.

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Celebrating the Inauguration in DC.

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Keeping it cool at a girls ski weekend in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.

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Girl's night out with longtime friends.

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U.S Air Force ladies showing Vegas how it's done.

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Spring breaking with the bestie in Miami.

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Mid-day hangout with the girls in Atlanta.

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Mom whisked her daughter away for a  short vacay with her favorite traveling buddy.

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The girls are all smiles during their last night in Atlantic City.

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These Miami regulars have taken on the sunny city for four years straight.

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All shaded and ready to go. New Orleans bound.

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Catching waves and snorkling with the girls. 

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These ladies took to Miami for a relaxing Memorial Day jaunt.

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A necessary NOLA vacay with the bffs.

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These getaway girls are up and ready to go. 

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The girls take in the best of Italy during a gondola ride in Venice.

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A vacation birthday bash with the besties.

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Ready to ride the waves on a Carnival Cruise to Key West and Cozumel.


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