What Men Think: What Should Women Do More Of In Bed?

ESSENCE.COM Feb, 17, 2009

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Name: Case
Age: 37
Occupation: R&B Singer

“I think women should be more uninhibited in bed and just go with the flow, as opposed to worrying so much about maintaining some kind of image. It creates a better experience if the woman can just relax and be herself. The best sex you can have is for me to do all I can to please you and for you to do the same for me.”

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Name: Nathan T.
Age: 30
Occupation: Fine Artist

“Be more open about your fantasies, wants and desires. More back rubs and massages in bed would be good; people are so stressed out these days. If the sex is good, just do it more. Practice makes perfect. And finally, more [oral sex] in the morning would be thoughtful.”

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Name: Matt T.
Age: 26
Occupation: Sports Account Manager

“Begin the foreplay outside the bedroom. I want my woman to subtly tell me at the most random times that she fantasizes about me and can’t wait to take me home.”

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Name: William P.
Age: 48
Occupation: Media Consultant

“Women need to know what they want and learn to talk about it. Most men want to please their partners, but we only know what works if you tell us what we’re going to do before we jump into bed.”

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Name: Juan W.
Age: 37
Occupation: TV Producer

“Women should just put their defenses down. Be vulnerable. Have fewer inhibitions. Just be in the moment.”

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Name: Rischard G.
Age: 29
Occupation: Senior Compliance Analyst

“Oral sex comes to mind first, but really, men just want women to be more freaky, period. I also prefer women who like to take charge of the situation. I wouldn’t mind if she says, ‘I want you and I want you to do it like this.’ "

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Name: Michael R.
Age: 34
Occupation: Advertising Account Executive

“A lot of women are shy about being vocal. I’m interested in a woman who can tell me what she likes. This can turn a so-so encounter into a mind-blowing one.”

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Name: Anthony B.
Age: 23
Occupation: Student

“I would like more romance and more times when we do have sex. It’s nice when a woman puts forth a little more effort with maybe some candles and slow jams to set the mood real nice and some sexy clothes to finish things off.”

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Name: Daryl H.
Age: 32
Occupation: IT Manager

“Women need to become more aggressive in bed. Even if your man is twice your size, be more demanding when it comes to sex. For example: ‘Get over here.’ or ‘You better handle this.’ In most relationships a woman already knows her man, just from a look they give. Once they give that look, act on it! Nine times out of ten, you will not get rejected.

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Name: Anthony B.
Age: 31
Occupation: Actor

“Arouse all my senses as a man. Show me it’s not just about the physical stimulus. Take control lovingly and switch up the rhythm. Role play. Surprise me. Not knowing what she is going to say shakes up the monotony.”

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Name: Alfred O.
Age: 33
Occupation:Unemployed financial analyst

“We often embark in intercourse with the intent on personal gratification. I personally get more aroused as my partner’s “peak” approaches – so my mission is to make her as excited as possible. It’s all a question of your partner’s comfort zone (can you say ménage trios?). A woman should do whatever is necessary to please her man in bed!”