The Ultimate Natural Hair Gift Guide

Need holiday shopping help? We've enlisted some of our favorite natural hair bloggers, YouTubers and Instagram crushes to select their top gift-giving picks for curly girls. From miracle-working gadgets to so-chic accessories, these hair treats are sure to delight every naturalisata on your list. Ready, set, shop!

Nicole Marie Melton Dec, 05, 2013

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Her holiday hair advice: "Updos and protective styles are low maintenance and great for the holidays and colder weather." —Donna of Donedo

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Made only from rich, thick butters and luxurious oils, Karen’s Butter Love conditions, softens and adds sheen to fragile, stressed hair.  ($18, available at Karen’s Body Beautiful)

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Diffusers spread heat evenly throughout your hair to avoid causing damage and cut drying time down in half. ($9.99, avaiable at ULTA)

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Her holiday hair advice: "This holiday season is all about protective styling. Protecting your hair from the harsh conditions is important to prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Make sure to apply a leave-in conditioner and deep condition at least once a week." —Lichelle of BaronessCountess

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This organic product will melt in your hair leaving it supple and moisturized. It's fortified with vitamins and essential oils, as well as nourishing natural butters. ($22, available at Target)

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Ouidad Curl Clips are the perfect gift for any natural who dislikes the snagging and tension plastic clips may give. These metal clips allow hair to easily slide on and off, without the worry of damage and breakage. ($6 per pack, available at Ouidad)

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Her holiday hair advice: "Have fun with your natural curls! Take advantage of the cooler temperatures by wearing stretched-out styles to showcase the beauty of your natural hair." —Danyelle of MsDanti

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Flexirods come in a variety of sizes and lengths so you can choose a size depending on the thickness of your hair and how large you want your curls to be. ($3-$5 per pack, available at beauty supply stores)

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This collection has everything a natural needs to keep her curls shiny, lush, and frizz-free. You'll receive the Get Clean No-foam Shampoo, Intense Quench Deep Conditioner, & Everyday Leave-in Detangling Conditioner, Hair Bling High Shine Pomade, & Lux Locks Styling & Shine. ($72, available at Original Moxie)

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Her holiday hair advice: "The holidays are all about joy, love and lots of pizzazz. Use that momentum to step outside your comfort zone. From your company's holiday party to that first kiss of the New Year, let your hair be your biggest accessory!" —Maria Antoinette

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This Silky Wraps set contains a handmade, fabric-lined shower cap made with a durable plastic cover and fast-drying fabric lining. You'll also get a bath loofah and sparkle carrying pouch that doubles as a makeup bag or travel case. ($24.99, available at Silky Wraps)

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This gift set is ideal for the natural that rocks colored-treated hair.  The specially-formulated products prevent color from fading and prevent damage to colored strands.  ($23, available on Amazon)

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Her holiday hair advice: "Don't be afraid to play with hairstyles and hair accessories and of course remember to deep condition. This is the driest time of the year, especially if you live in the colder regions." —Maya of Shameless Maya

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This reparative shampoo transforms and hydrates dry, damaged hair. The sulfate-free formula is rich with moisturizing ingredients such as unrefined shea butter, argan oil and sea kelp.  ($9.99, available at Target)

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Enriched with biotin, green tea, and carrot oil, this product will immediately begin to repair damage and restore dried out strands. ($17.99, available at The Mane Choice)

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Her holiday hair advice: "Don't be afraid to get creative with a holiday look whether it's a twisted updo, braids, or a straight style. Keep it moisturized so that your hair not only looks good, but feels good too!" —Kela of Naturally Kela

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Shea butter, coconut oil and mango seed butter are just a few of the rich ingredients you'll find in this super hydrating hair butter. Best of all, it can also be used as an effective moisturizer for the skin. ($13, available at Koils By Nature)

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The Huetiful Hair Steamer provides deep conditioning at its best. This steamer repairs dry, brittle and damaged hair with continued use and conditions hair 5 times better than using conditioner alone.  ($117, available at Huetiful)

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Her holiday hair advice: "Treat your scalp with special tender loving care. A healthy, clean and well nourished scalp produces healthy, strong and fabulous hair! Also, protect your ends from the elements with protective styles such as braids and creative updos.  Remember, the higher the hairstyle, the closer to God!" —Dunnie of Miss Dunnie O.

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This unique comb is ideal for soothing those hard-to-reach places when you're wearing braids, weaves, or twists. The curved design slides directly to the scalp without disturbing your hairstyle. ($9.95, availabe at Luxe Therapy)

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This unrefined shea butter is infused with coconut oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E and whipped into a smooth, creamy texture your curls will love. ($12.99, available at Patsie Girl)

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Her holiday hair advice:  "Be sure to get your ends trimmed every five weeks. My stylist gets on me about neglecting my ends, but these past few times I have done so and can see a big difference in my hair." —Alexandra of Alexandra Butlter Makeup Artistry

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The 100% satin Pillow Bonnet combines the benefits of a traditional satin pillowcase and the design of a hair bonnet. The high-quality, long-lasting fabric is machine washable and doesn't collect buildup like your typical pillowcase would. ($45, available at Hair Routine)

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Curly girls will adore this herbal-infused creamy conditioner and detangler intended to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls, and tangles from thick and kinky-textured hair. ($22, available at Koils By Nature)

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Her holiday hair advice: "During the winter, we all suffer from dry hair and skin, but I have found when I am drinking at least 10 cups of water a day, the dryness isn't as severe. Making sure to eat enough nutrient-rich foods will also help your hair stay strong. Strong natural hair starts on the inside." —Khaleeqa of Paparoxi

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This oldie but goodie is perfect for setting roller sets, braids, twists and more.  The bonnet is large enough to fit over jumbo rollers or flexi rods, so it's great for hair of all lengths and styles. ($51, available at Amazon)

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This ultra-hydrating moisturizer is best for thick kinks or curls, relaxed, color treated or dry hair to add moisture, softness and shine. ($16, available at Karen's Body Beautiful)

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Her holiday hair advice: "It's difficult to balance holiday shopping, strict deadlines at work and your natural hair care regimen. But don't neglect your hair and body during this busy holiday season! Your hair care routine should remain a priority to prevent irreversible damage. Make sure to also take a multi-vitamin to balance out all of the "comfort" foods we love to indulge in during this time of year." —Kala of The KG Lifestyle

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This intensive treatment removes product buildup while strengthening hair by sealing in natural moisture. ($11.99, available at Target)

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Treat your curls to some TLC with this lusciously rich formula that softens and hydrates textured hair types. Whether you have lose type-3 curls, or coily type-4 kinks, your hair is sure to soak up the buttery goodness of this penetrating moisturizer. ($16, available at Qhemet Biologics)

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Her holiday hair advice: "If you live in a colder climate don't forget to deep condition your natural hair. The cold weather can make hair extra dry and thirsty. No natural hair regime is complete without a proper shampoo and conditioning routine." —Rachel of Rachel O. Beauty

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This brush glides through wet or dry kinky curly hair easily with no fuss, ripping, or breakage. ($10.99, available at Sally Beauty)

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The Q Redew is a hand-held steamer that quickly "wakes-up" and rejuvenates hair using warm mist.  Whether you're wearing a wash-n-go that needs a boost or a roller set that needs extra volume, this tool will revive your style in minutes. ($70, available at Q Redew)

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Her holiday hair advice: "During the holiday season, I plan on doing  twist-outs, protective styles & updos because it allows more time to enjoy the holidays while looking effortless & elegant! I would suggest rocking a style that works well for you. Do what comes easy and be merry!" —Marisol of Mama Naturalista

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This conditioner adds much-needed moisture without weighing curls down. Best of all, it's less than $3! ($2.99, available at Trader Joe's)

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Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a must for all hair types and textures.  Cotton pillowcases can lead to dryness and breakage, but these cost-effective satin cases protect hair while you slumber. (prices vary, available at Walmart)

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Her holiday hair advice: "Lock in the moisture! Heavier products like whipped butters mixed with oils can provide longer-lasting moisture retention in the wintertime.  Hair tends to be drier during these months so light oils and products may not be as effective."— Mia of MiMi J Online

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Keep hair healthy with the Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner that gently cleanses and detangles, the Original & Lite Leave-In Moisturizers to lock in deep moisture, and the Pudding that defines and holds your best curl. (prices vary, available at Carol's Daughter)

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These bold t-shirts allow every curly girl to flaunt her natural beauty with confidence. With phrases such as "Natural is Dope" and "Queens Rock Natural Crowns," there's sure to be something your favorite curlfriends will love wearing. (prices vary, available at Natural is Dope)

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Her holiday hair advice: "Moisture is everything when it comes to maintaining beautiful natural hair! It's a daily— two times a day actually— process for me." —Tiffany Marie Scott

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Curly girls can’t seem to get enough of this product, which contains all natural ingredients and is great for hydrating dry hair. ($9.99, available at Target)

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This lightweight leave-in product can be used for conditioning and detangling purposes. It offers a natural conditioning treatment that's effective for all hair types. ($12, available at Kinky Curly)

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Her holiday hair advice: "If you've never worn your hair natural, why not give it a try this holiday season? To enhance natural hair, sparkle pins and accessories always bring out the joyous spirit of the holidays!" —Nedjetti of Hair by Nedjetti

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Choose from six effective anti-shrinkage products that hydrate and define curls of all textures, lengths and styles. Whether you're creating a fierce updo or wearing long, flowing twists, this collection offers something for every curly queen on your list.  (prices vary, available at Dark and Lovely)

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Hair accessories can add the perfect touch to a wide variety of natural looks. This 3" wide embroidered flower pin is lightly beaded and sequined on a 2.5" toothless clip that can be dressed up or down no matter the occasion. ($19, available at LUV Naturals)

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Her holiday hair advice: "Styles like updos, pinups, twists and braids are not just great for the holidays, they're also great protective styles to help avoid breakage and retain length during colder months."— Sumetra of Natural Metra

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Increase the efficacy of your hair treatments with this reusable, heated hair turban. The removable, microwaveable, gel heat packs offer salon-quality deep conditioning treatments. ($22, available at Hair Therapy Wrap)

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The Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair collection features high-quality formulas that nourish and protect hair from styling damage. The line contains the Twist & Lock Gel, Curl Activator Cream, Hair Lotion, Shine and Hold Mist, Deep Treatment Masque and Styling Cream which can be used on locs, twist-outs, cornrows and more. (prices vary, available at drugstores)

Products available in stores Summer 2012.

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Her holiday hair advice: "The holidays are a perfect time to get glam and switch up your normal hair routine. If you always wear your hair curly, why not rock a blow out? Is your hair usually in protective styles? Now is the time to let it down." —Renae of In Her Shoes

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This creamy conditioner penetrates the hair shaft to improve elasticity and restore manageability.  The sulfate-free formula is safe for color-treated, chemically-treated, curly, or straight hair. ($8.99, available at EDEN BodyWorks)

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This double-action comb comes with two rows of rounded teeth that gently comb through knots and prevent curls from springing back and retangling. ($24, available at Ouidad)

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Her holiday hair advice: "Take a few minutes to moisturize and put your hair in several twists at night to allow for more versatility the next day. You can very easily style the twists into an updo for parties and celebrations." —Carmen of Lipstick Fashion Mascara

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This whipped hair butter is infused with green tea which blocks UV rays, soothes dandruff and psoriasis and strengthens and softens hair. ($14, available at Belle Butters)

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Headbands and bows from Vine80 add pizzazz to any naturalista's 'do. They can be worn in many ways and are available in a variety of bold, color-infused prints. (prices vary, available at Vine80)