Top Ten Items To Transform Your Summer Wardrobe

Top Ten Items To Transform Your Summer Wardrobe
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 14, 2011

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The Item: One piece jumpers. They have been a celeb style favorite for their ease and chicness in warm months.
Transform It: Throw on a leather jacket or fur vest to make this piece work as weather cools.

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The Item: Fun, flirty, floral dresses
The Transformation: Lift sombre fall staples like dark jackets or knit vests with a burst of flower power found in these summer staples.

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The Item: Fun and functional Fedora Hat
The Transformation: What’s amazing about this piece? It’s almost seasonless. For fall, wear it the same way Hollywood celebs do: paired with any outfit to add a touch of cool.

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The Item: Sexy short shorts!
The Transformation: Don’t leave these summer classics behind. Slip them over opaque stockings to give them a fab fall feeling.

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The Item: Sheer dresses, tops and skirts were all the rage this summer.
The Transformation: Wear your favorite sheer pieces under blazers or jackets or over solid layers to make them fresh for fall.

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The Item: Bright, bold colored shoes.
The Transformation: Don’t be scared to wear bright shoes in fall. Bring them to punctuate and add a pop of color to your favorite fall looks.

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The Item: Celebs Slipped into these jeans to create fun, colorblock looks.
The Transformation: Kelly gives us a great clue for fall: wear your colored denims with a crisp white button down to update look for fall.

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The Item: Light and easy crossbody bags.
The Transformation: These bags looked perfect with easy day dresses and shorts. For fall, toss them over your knit sweaters, knit dresses and jeans with jackets.

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The Item: Whether sleeveless or with bell sleeves like Halle’s, maxi dresses’ long, flowey vibe made them a summer hit.
The Transformation: Wear these just as you would in summer but paired with leather jackets and scarves.

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The Item: Sturdy Rope Belts
The Transformation: Pair this summer staple with a long knit or maxi dress to create shape and definition in your fall pieces.

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The Item: Lightweight knit tunics were the perfect bikini cover up this season.
The Transformation: Bring these into fall by wearing as mini dresses or over another sexy summer staple: long maxi dresses for a funkier vibe.

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The Item: Cute, classy dresses.
The Transformation: Make these gorgeous summer items perfect for fall by pairing with monochrome tights and wearing your favorite jacket over it!

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The Item: Beautiful bright reds, yellows and greens – summer color staples.
The Transformation: Brighten up your fall by taking colorful pieces into fall. No need to tone down, let the colors lift your wardrobe and your spirit!

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The Item: Lightweight T-Shirts
The Transformation: These stylish staples work just as easily for fall when you pair them under leather jackets, or sweaters.

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The Item: Breezy, beautiful light scarves:
The Transformation: These accessories are gorgeous on a chilly summer night, but can also work on a chilly Fall day. For Fall bring opt for bold bright scarves that will lift your ensemble.

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The Item: Light weight, light colored denim jackets.
The Transformation: Wear these over your favorite dresses and shirts and under a beautiful, bright scarf for fall.

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The Item: Stylish, sun blocking luxury glasses.
The Transformation: Continue to block the sun in style with bold, over-sized designer shades ala Keri hilson.

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The Item: Dramatic, bold statement earrings.
The Transformation: Pair these bold beauties with any of your favorite fall looks. Like Meagan Good, keep accessories to a minimum so the earrings can stand out.

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The Item: Sexy skinny denim.
The Transformation: Bring these sophisticated summer staples into fall by pairing with your fave sweaters and jackets.

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The Item: Bad hair, or beach hair, saving fitted caps.
The Transformation: For fall make these work by option for luxe cool weather materials like leather or suede fitted caps that instantly elevate the look.

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