Top 10 Moments from 'RHoA,' Episode 7

Top 10 Moments from 'RHoA,' Episode 7
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 19, 2011

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After a disappointing hearing, Sheree and Phaedra decide to part ways. Always the southern belle, Phaedra sends Sheree on her way with a refund and professional recommendations.

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During Cynthia and Peter’s “power couple” photo shoot, Cynthia realizes that the party invitations for her fashion agency’s opening will arrive late to guests. Peter’s pretty unsympathetic about it all.

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After hiring an interior designer to do three weeks of work in one (yikes!), it’s time to say good-bye to the townhouse. Kim and the girls have an emotional flashback moment with the
(autographed) wall.

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The now-employed Bryce and his mom, NeNe, have a talk about life’s responsibilities. When the discussion shifts to safe sex, Bryce laughs in embarrassment.

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Kandi expresses to her manager that she’s interested in country music. She wants to become the “Venus and Serena of country,” yall.

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Each room of Kim’s dream house is unveiled to the party of five. Everyone approves, especially Brielle who sheds a few tears.

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Kandi Skypes with country star Jo Dee Messinato to show off some twangy song ideas. While the sound wasn’t exactly a fit, she invites Kandi to her home in Nashville for a jam session.

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All of the ladies show up to Cynthia’s opening — which means Kim and NeNe are in the same room. But surprisingly there was no drama as the two simply ignored each other all night.

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Marlo Hampton, the unofficial seventh housewife, was in the hot seat again — this time concerning how she makes her money. When it’s implied that she dates “Big Papas,” she suggests that Kandi is a “Big Mama” who takes care of men. Ouch!

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Cynthia is relieved when she arrives to a full house for her opening. During her thank you speech, she invites Peter up to the front, but he’s MIA.


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