10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural

Everyone wants to have natural hair these days, but do you know what it really entails? Read these lessons before deciding to wear your natural curls.

Deena Campbell Mar, 29, 2016

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No head of curls are the same, so why should you listen to every natural hair care rule and think your strands will have the same results. Try their methods and lessons, but if it doesn’t work, create your own routine.

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Who cares if your hair is shoulder length, bra strap length or down to your butt? What matters is the health of your hair. Healthy hair is happy hair.

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A curl is a curl is a curl. Don’t worry so much about how loose or tight your curls are. And, never compare your curls to a hair crush. Be happy with your curls. Instead of focusing on the negativity, concentrate on understanding your texture and porosity.

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Buying products can be costly. So sometimes it’s great to discover what your hair really needs and buy those ingredients. For instance, if you know your curls love coconut oil, why spend the extra money on products that include coconut oil and a bunch of unnecessary oils, when you can buy coconut oil on its own?

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Sometimes we can get into a runt and we feel as if our hair isn’t growing and nothing is changing. If you take photos and measure your hair isn’t a great form of encouragement on your down days.

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We’re not saying your should try blonde or platinum—unless of course you want to—but, a semi-permanent rinse won’t kill your strands.

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The only person who needs to love your hair is yourself. Everyone else can kick rocks!

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Don’t think you can wash your hair, complete a twist-out and be ready to walk out the door in two hours. Sorry, not happening. Be smart, plan ahead and prepare for proper hair care.

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Sometimes natural hair can have a mind of its own, and when you start out creating a style you don’t always end up with what you want. But, that’s okay. Embrace it!

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Caring for your curls can be a major challenge. Your hair might break off, become super dry or just never have the volume you dreamed of. But, it’s all good. Go with the flow and everything will fall into place!


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