Super Natural: MahoganyCurls Gives 5 Lessons On Dealing With Hair Touchers

It happens to all of us. You are walking minding your own business, and someone asks to touch your hair. What do you do? Here’s what I’ve learned about people touching my hair.

MahoganyCurls Jul, 15, 2014

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Random people will ask to touch your hair. It is amazing how the natural hair movement is taking off. With that said, there are still people that are very curious about natural hair and would like to touch it to ease their curiosity. Brace yourself. Ask yourself if you prefer people to touch your hair or that you rather not have random hands in your head. It is best to do this before you leave your house. As crazy as it may sound, it is great to prepare yourself. That way you will not be caught off guard if someone asks.

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Always keep a small amount of your favorite touch up product in your purse. I like to add a small amount of product to my ends (that is the area that most people touch) after I have allowed someone to touch my hair. Doing this will put moisture back into my hair. Believe it or not, if you touch your hair too much, it can lead to dryness. I like to keep my product in a small 1 oz. container that can be purchased from your local drugstore.

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If you let people touch your hair, try to limit their time. It is okay to allow people to touch your hair, but I have learned that sometimes people can get a little carried away. You do not want them to disturb your awesome hairdo!

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It is okay to say no. You do not have to feel bad about telling someone no if they ask to touch your hair. It is your crown and your glory! Luckily, most people are very respectful towards your wishes. I have politely declined someone from touching my hair many times and they were very understanding.

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Make sure your hair is completely dry before you leave your house. That is if you can help it. I totally understand if you have go and do not have time to diffuse or air dry your hair before you leave. I had an experience, when I left my house with damp hair (I styled my hair in a wash n go). I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. A lady stopped me and asked if she could touch my hair. Unfortunately, I had to kindly tell her no. I do not mind if someone asks to touch my hair, however, I do not like my hair being touched when it is wet. It creates frizz. The person was very respectful and we just talked about my hair instead.

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