Super Natural: MahoganyCurls Explains 5 Ways to Prep for the Summer

The summer is one of my favorite seasons because I don’t have to do as much to my natural hair. You’ll find me wearing my choice hairstyle: letting my curls free. But, before I truly enjoy the season, my curls need preparation. Read on for a few tips.

MahoganyCurls Jun, 05, 2014

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I like to search for cool summer hairstyles and try to recreate them. Changing my hairstyle is a great way to change my look and spice things up!

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Before the summer arrives, I swap my winter hair products with lighter hair products. This sounds crazy, but I literally move my heavier products to the basement until the fall season approaches. In the past, I’ve noticed my heavier products weigh my hair down, so when the warmer weather hits I use very light leave-in conditioners and moisturizing conditioning sprays.

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I like to apply oil to my hair before swimming to protect my strands against the chlorine. Chlorine can be very damaging to our hair, so it is very important that we protect our curls while we are enjoying our time at the pool this summer.

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Hair scrunches will be your best friend if your hair is longer. I prefer to wear my hair pulled up and away from my face in the summer.

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When the warm weather arrives I sleep on satin pillowcase instead of my usual satin bonnet. My satin pillowcase will protect my curls without causing me to get over heated while I rest at night.

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