Super Natural: Afrobella on The Parallel Between Fake Eyelashes and Weaves

My mom has always worn faux eyelashes. It began in 1986, with an explosion over a propane-fueled cook top. My mom received some burns, and her lashes were singed. To lift her spirits, a friend gifted her with professionally applied false eyelashes. She’s been getting them re-done every week, ever since. She loves rocking her long lashes and says she won’t ever stop, but the truth that her weekly habit has essentially truncated the growth of her real eyelashes bothers her sometimes. Even if she did let her real lashes grow in, she says they wouldn’t be long or thick enough for her. And that’s my concern.

Rocking a pair of fake lashes from time to time, for a special occasion or a photo shoot or a night on the town is one thing. But wearing them every day all day until your own lashes won’t grow is another. I worry that what’s happened to my mom will happen to the next generation of young beauties.

Afrobella Jul, 11, 2014