Style Saviors: Easy, Quick 'Bad Hair Day' 'Dos

If you're anything like us, your default "bad hair day" style is a quick, artless pony. Now, there's nothing wrong with a pony--in fact, it can be quite chic--but there are a zillion other easy, quick style options to choose from when your strands are being difficult. From easy upsweeps to to Bettie Page bangs, check out our gallery of "bad hair day" style saviors.
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 03, 2010

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Don’t let blah, uncooperative hair ruin a perfectly good day! There are a zillion quick, cute style options to choose from when your tresses are feeling temperamental (just check out Aisha Tyler’s sexy, off-center ponytail). From easy upsweeps to Bettie Page-bangs, check out our gallery of “bad hair day” style saviors.

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A high, sleek bun is a fabulous way to combat an “I can’t do anything with my hair” moment.
TO DO: Brush hair up into a high ponytail (if you have short hair, attach a fall), and then wrap around the elastic.

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When you’ve tried everything and you’re hair refuses to do anything approaching cute, take a cue from singer Syesha Mercado—simply pin one side behind your ear and let the rest fly free.

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If your medium-to-long strands won’t cooperate, embrace Nicole Richie’s tousled side-braid (as popularized the models in Alexander Wang’s Spring 2010 show).
TO DO: Use fingers to sweep hair over to one side, leaving out face-framing strands. Create a loose braid and secure with an elastic.

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Show unsexy strands who’s boss with a long, curly hairpiece!
TO DO: Slick hair back into a bun at the crown of your head. Then, clip the hairpiece around the bun. Try Charm Wavy by Tress Allure ($35).

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On day three or four of your blowout, it can sometimes look greasy, dull, or lifeless. Spice it up with an easy half-up/half down style, like Keisha Whitaker’s.
TO DO: Separating out bangs and a few face-framing layers, sweep top half of your hair back into a low ponytail at the base of your neck. Leave the strands underneath loose.

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Instead of snatching your hair back in a random, “soccer practice” ponytail (anyone can do that!), dress it up a little, a’la Katerina Graham.
TO DO: Use a large barrel curling iron to touch up the ends of the pony and add a Bettie Page-bend to your bang.

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Garcelle Beauvais’ easy, breezy style is just the thing to glam up a dull ’do.
TO DO: Part hair slightly off-center, and then create a two-strand twist on the section of hair above your ear. Tuck it behind your ear and voila! Instant fierceness.

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Not only is Sheree Whitfield’s red carpet updo deceptively easy to achieve, it also perfectly masks a difficult hair day.
TO DO: Set random sections of hair on hot rollers, and set for about fifteen minutes (perfect time to do your makeup and get dressed). Then, part your hair on the side and sweep it up into a pony. Loosely pin random curls around the elastic, creating an unfussy bun.

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On humid days, don’t fight your natural texture by trying to create a sleek blowout! Instead, rock a curly asymmetric ponytail like Holly Robinson Peete.
TO DO: Use fingers to rake a curl-defining cream throughout damp hair and let air dry or diffuse. Then, loosely secure your curls in a playful side pony.


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