Splurge or Nah?: What to Invest In & What to Pass Up

With the constant temptation to purchase new clothes, here's a guide to avoid impulse shopping and tips on what quality pieces to invest in.

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We have all bought something and before leaving the store we already regret the purchase.  Well, we have compiled a quick go-to list to keep you on track when shopping.  Trust us! This list will save you from buyer's remorse once and for all. 

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When it comes to shopping smart, some clothing items are best bought out of season. For example, right now you probably see a ton of summer clothing items on sale, due to the fact that it's fall and will quickly be winter.  

Make a list first of all the items you always wear during the summer that needs to be replaced, such as your favorite go-to tank or a summer cocktail dress.  Once the list is put together you are able to shop sales more efficiently instead of picking up items you will never wear. 

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All investment pieces don't have to come brand new.  If they are really quality pieces, they can often be found while thrifting. Some of the most precious and long lasting items can be found affordably at your local thrift store, Goodwill or garage sale.  

Although thrifting takes time, you can make it enjoyable by taking along a friend or even curating a list of places to shop that others have suggested online. Each city is different so, the key comes down to doing ample research and seeking out customer reviews. 

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Have you ever looked in your closet and noticed that you have three or more items that are very similar or even the exact same?  Like five black pairs of slacks or a seven white button down blouses?  Well ladies, you need to steer clear of those items while shopping.  

Know what is in your closet so that you don't purchase it over and over again. This bad habit can lead to a lot of money wasted.  

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Are you the person who sees a sale and you purchase a lot of items you don't even need?  Well word to the wise, you DON'T have to buy it just because it's on sale.

Many will try to justify their purchases because they found it on the sale rack, but if you don't truly need the item you are not saving.  Remember, this is why making lists prior to shopping is important - sale or no sale. Lists are not just for grocery shopping, they are for wardrobe shopping too! 

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Even luxury clothing can be ruined by a bad fit. Don't go into a store with the mindset that you will "lose weight" and then will be able to fit into the item or that you will get something slouchy tailored even though you know you never will.  

Untailored clothing will most likely hang in your closet and will never be worn.  Put in some extra time to try on your items in order to make sure the item is perfectly tailored to your silhouette. 

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This situation can be a little tricky but here is the verdict. Balmain is releasing a line through H&M and yes it's hands down amazing.  We say to go for it!  

Designer pieces can be extremely expensive if purchased directly from the retailer, so if you are a designer diva, purchasing these pieces through a lower price retailer is a sure way to get these items at a much discounted price. 

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Should you get it or should you not?  If you can't quite make up your mind and you know you are not to be trusted on bringing the item back for a full refund, do not purchase it.  We repeat – “step away from the item!”  If you can't make up your mind in that instance then leave it on the shelf.  

A quick rule I live by, that is very helpful, is to put the item back and if I can go a full week without thinking about the piece then I don't need it.  However, if it's still on my mind after the week I will go back to the store and purchase it.  Most times, I end up walking away and never returning. 

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Now that we wrapped up on some tips on how to save, let's get to the shopping!  Some splurges can be worth every penny.  

We all know certain staple items that we wear frequently and that we need to last. Here are some items that are worth investing in, and no - that $500 designer t-shirt isn't one of them. 

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When it comes to a pair of red bottoms, these are actually a great investment. If the investment is feasible for your wallet, a pair of red bottoms is made very well and is a definite winner on resale value.  If you don't have the money to put towards such expensive shoes remember that brands like DVF, J. Crew and Sophia Webster have great quality shoes and can be found under $500.

If you want to go for an even lower price point but still want great quality on a pricey shoe, digging resourcefully through sites like eBay can be very beneficial. And who knows, you could even score yourself a pair of red bottoms for a third of the cost. 

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Remember, it's all in the tailoring ladies!  Every woman can use a great blazer.  Whether you are on your way to work, you have an interview, or a business lunch, investing in this staple item can come in useful years down the road.  

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The LBD - something that will never go out of style!  Four years ago, I invested a ton of money into the ultimate black dress that I fell in love with.  To this day, I still wear that same dress to interviews and cocktail hour with the ladies.  Some items won’t loose its flare and the LBD is most certainly one of them. 

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No one has time for lingerie that won't last after a couple of washes. Paying a little more is sometimes key and necessary.

When it comes to your bras and shapewear, these items can make or break an entire wardrobe so investing a little into a silhouette that is made for your body is worth it. 

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We all have them and we all wear them, so why not invest in a pair that won’t fall apart? Whether we are slipping into a pair of flats after work, or at home while relaxing in front of the TV, or out to a friend’s BBQ, this investment will come in handy time and time again.  

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Winter is approaching and I won't be buying a new coat, because I invested in a quality piece a long time ago.  

When I first moved to New York, I learned the importance of buying a quality coat and after 5 years of living here, I still have the same sturdy coat.  Although, these pieces can get pretty pricey you have to think about the long run. Winter will always come back around and being warm and fashionable is definitely worth the extra penny. 

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Last but certainly not least is a quality bag. You have to have at least one bag that can be relied upon.  Just like heels, buying a purse that you use day in and day out is worth investing in. 


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