The Soloist

The Soloist
ESSENCE.COM May, 01, 2009

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Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, who stars as the schizophrenic cello prodigy, Nathaniel Ayers, in “The Soloist,”
has generated plenty of Oscar buzz in Hollywood. The gifted actor is starring in a true story about the Julliard phenomenon born in Los Angeles who was later discovered by L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez (Robert Downey, Jr.), who published articles about his experience with Ayers that were later turned into a book called: “The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music.” takes a sneak peek at the movie in theaters now.

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A homey looking Nathaniel Ayers (Foxx) talks to journalist Steve Lopez (Downey), who takes interest in Ayers’s formidable talent.

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A confused Ayers tries to find his way in the world and master his God given talent.

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A distraught Ayers receives support from an activist from the streets of Los Angeles.

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Steve Lopez (Downey) gives Ayers a push with his belongings while the wild Ayers leads the way.

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Ayers (Foxx) plays like an angel and appears to look to the heavens for approval.

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Ayers, a local celebrity, is renown for playing the most beautiful music on a battered two-string violin in the ghetto of Los Angeles.

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A groomed Ayers runs off the stage before a big performance. Foxx who won an Oscar for portraying the late Ray Charles has a knack for immortalizing musical greats on screen.


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