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Sci-Fi Movies
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 18, 2009

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Neo may have been “the one,” but he would have never really found his power had it not been for Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar and leader of the movement against the Matrix.

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Wesley Snipes took a bite out of sci-fi when he brought Marvel Comics’ African-American vampire hunter to life on the big screen.

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If you’re a sci-fi nerd you know that when Darth Vader finally unmasked in “Return of the Jedi,” he’s a white man, but he was voiced by legendary actor James Earl Jones so… that counts.

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Before Todd McFarlane’s signature comic book character became the undead superhero, he was CIA agent Al Simmons (as played by “Why Did I Get Married?” co-star Michael Jai White).

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This legendary heroine (originally played by Nichelle Nichols) was way ahead of her time when she explored space, the final frontier. In the recent reboot, Zoe Saldana stepped into her legendary moon boots.

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In the ‘80s, Disney enlisted Michael Jackson to play Captain EO, a space captain, who, along with his ragtag crew, sets out to deliver a gift to evil alien leader, the Witch Queen.

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The funniest of all the characters here, Chris Tucker played the flamboyant radio personality that brought more than a little comic relief to Bruce Willis’ The Fifth Element.

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Will Smith obviously has a thing for aliens. The rapper-turned-actor first scored box office gold fighting aliens in “Independence Day.” He then returned to the genre playing the wisecracking rookie secret agent who monitors extraterrestrials in the “Men In Black” films.

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Denzel Washington goes grunge as the man who could save humanity with the knowledge contained a book in this post-apocalyptic action flick due out next year.

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Zoe Saldana is quickly becoming a sci-fi queen. In addition to playing Lt. Uhura this year’s “Star Trek,” she also plays the fierce warrior who takes Jake Sully under her wing and teaches him the ways of her Na’vi aliens in James Cameron’s new sci-fi epic.


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