Salt and Pepper: The Spice of Life

Salt and Pepper: The Spice of Life
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 03, 2008

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Maya Angelou proves phenomenal women can have gray hair too.

Tip: The older we get, the less pigment our hair produces, thus causing our locks to turn gray. The way we gray differs from person-to-person, which also goes for the way we handle the transformation.

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Trailblazing actress Ruby Dee welcomes the change that comes with age.

Tip: Attitude about your changing locks can play a major difference in how you embrace the adjustment. Think positive and sexy.

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Blues great Nancy “Sweet, Nancy, The Baby” Wilson embraces silver locks to show maturity comes with beauty.

Tip: There are special shampoos and conditioners that specialize in and cater to gray hair. Be sure to ask your stylists which products work best for your hair.

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The legendary actress, jazz and gospel singer, and ordained minister passed away on Nov. 19.

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This “Stormy Weather” singer’s hair, (then salt and peppered) is nothing short of jazzy.

Tip: With gray hair comes brittle strands. Vitamins and moisturizers can be used to battle weak hair.

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This “Star Trek” beauty’s look has always been classic. The actress, who also sang with jazz legend Duke Ellington, looks youthful and lively with a head full of gray.

Tip: Well-balanced meals and lots of water can go a long way, not only for your hair but for your skin and health as well.

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The “Song of Solomon” author’s pearly hair is representative of a look that is wise and therefore beloved.

Tip: If you haven’t already, now is the time to get out there and wear your hair with pride.


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