Real Women Reveal Figure-Flattering Secrets hit the streets to find chic curvy women to revel their figure flattering secrets. Get style tips from real women who look fabulous.
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 17, 2009

1 of 10 hit the streets to find chic curvy women to reveal their figure-flattering secrets. Get style tips from sisters who look fabulous.

Occupation: Nonprofit Fundraiser

Style File: Classic-chic

One-Stop Shops: Zara, BCBG Max Azria, EXPRESS

One-click Chicster:,,

Figure-Flattering Secret: “If it’s your size, that doesn’t mean it fits. I don’t like wearing things just because it’s my size; I like things that accentuate my figure. I like wearing tailored suits—I love Tajari suits, because they make me look taller."

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Occupation: Fashion Design Student

Style File: Creative

One Stop Shop: Old Navy, Forever21, H&M

One-click Chicster:,,,,

Figure Flattering Tip: “Don’t try to wear things that are too tight or too big. You can go a couple sizes down, but you should stick in an area that’s comfortable for you. I won’t take skinny [jeans], you think you’re getting your size, but then you have to go two sizes up. I would say get boot cut or straight leg.”

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Occupation: Stylist/Designer

One-Stop Shops: “My own stuff,” Target, True Religion Jeans

Style File: Eclectic

Figure-Flattering Secret: “If you have curvaceous hips, go A-line all the way.”

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Occupation: Freelance Writer/Copy Writer

Style File: Understated-cool

One-Stop Shop: H&M, Old Navy Victoria’s Secret, IGG, boutiques

One-click Chicster:,

Figure-Flattering Tip: “Hide the problems, accentuate the positives. Accentuate in a classy way. Jeans can be tricky. I try to stay away from low-rise. I like an above-the-waist, slimmer fit. I’m not saying hide in the clothes, but if you don’t feel comfy wearing it, don’t get it.”

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Occupation: Retail Regional Manager

Style File: Classy

One-Stop Shop: Bloomingdale’s, H&M

One-Click Chicster:,

Figure-Flattering Secret: “I always look for long pants and wide legs; something that’s going to accentuate my hips and my thighs. I don’t like anything too blousy that’s going to make me look bigger. Anything that’s fitted and that accentuates my curves, that’s what I look for.”

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Occupation: Florist

Style File: Casual-elegance

One-Stop Shop: Anthropologie, H&M, Banana Republic, Daffy’s, Sax Fifth Avenue

One-click Chicster: “I’m not an online shopper. I like to go through racks and browse. It relaxes me too.”

Figure-Flattering Secret: “I want a really good bra. I want to make sure that they’re up and pulled together. I don’t want things to be too tight. I just try to make sure I’m covered. And low-rise jeans don’t do it. Really, once you find something that works, you stick to it, but I’ve gotten into belts to cinch the waist a little bit.”

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Occupation: Makeup Artist

Style File: Cosmopolitan

One-Stop Shop: Zara, United Colors of Benetton

One-click Chicster: “I’m not a huge online shopper. Online shopping gives you buyer’s remorse”

Figure-Flattering Secret: I like a princess cut—a very tailored look. I like either a rounded or scoop neckline, and I stay away from polyester, polka dot combos. If it’s polyester and polka dot, I just go the other way; and I don’t like anything that makes noise when I walk."

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Occupation: Fashion Design Student

Style File: Eclectic

One-Stop Shop: Thrift stores, H&M, Macys, Lord & Taylor

One-Click Chicster: “Mainly when it’s cold.”,

Figure-Flattering Secret: “I have to try before I buy. Being a curvaceous woman, especially if it’s not proportionate to what you’re trying to look like. I try to stick to stuff that’s loose around the waist and clings to the hips because I’m not ashamed to have curves. Try before you buy if you have a lot of curves."

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Occupation: Nurse’s Assistant

Style File: Casual-chic

One-Stop Shop: Forever21, H&M, The Gap

Figure-Flattering Secret: “Wear clothes that are different but add to your figure. Make sure it fits right and that it’s sleek.”

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Occupation: Accountant

Style File: Classic

One-Stop Shop: Anne Taylor, Lane Bryant

Figure-Flattering Secret: “I like to wear a fitted camisole to accentuate my figure and give me a clean look.”


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