Myles of Style with Kim Myles

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Kim Myles stormed her way through season two of HGTV’s Design Star, the reality show competition, and rightfully earned the winning crown. Fans could hardly wait for the debut of her show, Myles of Styles.

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Kim is ready to help homeowners Hector and Marina Perez remake their living room on her HGTV show Myles of Syle.

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The living room prior to Kim’s redesign on her HGTV show Myles of Syle.

“Now, I love a plasma, but when everything is focused around it and that’s to the detriment of all other kind of uses for the room like determining whether it’s conversational or entertaining, then it doesn’t work,” Myles says on mistakes people often make.

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Another shot of the living room before Kim’s redesign.

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Kim discusses accessories with Marina, to include in the new living room.

“Homes are supposed to be reflections of who we are. It’s a statement that you make to the world when you’re inviting people into your home,” she says.

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The revamped living room smolders with color and pizazz.

“I’m really fearless about color because it’s only temporary. If you don’t like it invite your girls over, get a bottle of wine and repaint it,” Kim Myles says.

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Kim enjoys mixing textures and colors and has always been fascinated by design.

“When I was 12, I remember rearranging my bedroom for the first time,” she says. “I had Monet postcards and construction paper and I made the construction paper mounting board and I put the postcards on it and hung it.”

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Large stripes on the ceiling give the room a funky twist, paired with soft lighting.

“You have to have a couple of different layers of light in your space,” she says. “I like candlelight and soft light and ambient light like club light. But that’s not great when I want to read a book so I make sure that I have the lamp that I can put on that’s for tasks.”

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Kim completes the finishing touches with sterling candle holders.

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Kim beams as she shows Hector and Marina Perez their new and improved living room on her HGTV show Myles of Syle.

“I hope [viewers] take away a sense of fearlessness and willingness to try something different because there’s nothing that you can’t undo.”


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